Generative AI: The New Frontier in Business Integration and Automation


CONSHOHOCKEN, PA — A recent Boomi Discovery Report, spearheaded by 451 Research, provides compelling insights into how Generative AI (GenAI) is revolutionizing the way enterprises integrate systems and automate processes. Drawing on the perspectives of 650 business and IT leaders across various industries, the report underscores GenAI’s critical role in enhancing operational efficiency, customer experience, and overall business performance.

In an era marked by digital fragmentation, businesses are confronted with challenges such as application sprawl, departmental disconnection, escalating costs, and skill shortages. GenAI emerges as a beacon of hope, promising to streamline operations and enhance experiences for customers and employees alike. However, its benefits are contingent upon businesses’ willingness to embrace this technology.

The report reveals that a significant majority of respondents (55%) view GenAI as crucial for integrating data, applications, and processes. This sentiment reflects a broader recognition of AI’s potential to drive productivity, sales, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction. Notably, 44% of executives identified increased productivity as a primary driver of AI adoption, followed closely by sales and revenue growth (40%) and improved customer experience (39%).

Despite the enthusiasm for GenAI, the path to integration is fraught with complexities, including security and privacy concerns, data quality issues, and challenges related to model training and reliability. Yet, an overwhelming 90% of survey participants believe in GenAI’s capacity to enhance the speed and quality of development and automation efforts.

Steve Lucas, CEO of Boomi, emphasized the transformative power of GenAI in facilitating seamless integration and automation of business processes. “As organizations scale and continue to navigate unforeseen business challenges, it will become more difficult to keep track of all the data, technology, and processes necessary to achieve business goals,” Lucas stated. He highlighted Boomi’s commitment to leading the GenAI movement in the integration and automation space, positioning the company as a crucial ally for businesses navigating this new technological landscape.

Additional findings from the report offer further insights:

  • IT leaders exhibit greater trust in GenAI than their business counterparts, with 82% of IT CxOs expressing complete or partial trust in GenAI outputs, compared to 63% of business CxOs.
  • Accuracy and consistency are pivotal factors influencing trust in GenAI, with over half of business leaders citing these attributes as determinants of their confidence in AI.
  • Executives recognize GenAI’s vast potential, citing benefits such as improved process accuracy, cost reduction, innovation, streamlined operations, optimized resources, and competitive advantage.

Matt McLarty, CTO at Boomi, underscored the foundational role of integration and automation in building business agility. He noted the challenges inherent in these processes and advocated for a unified approach to harnessing GenAI’s transformative potential.

The Boomi Discovery Report vividly illustrates the growing importance of GenAI in modern business practices. As companies grapple with digital complexity and seek to optimize their operations, GenAI stands out as a powerful tool for fostering innovation, reducing costs, and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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