EpiVario Licenses Cancer-Fighting Compounds in Strategic Move


PHILADELPHIA, PA — EpiVario Inc., a biotechnology firm specializing in neuroepigenetics to treat addiction disorders, announced a significant licensing deal with ReEngage Therapeutics. The agreement involves several of EpiVario’s small molecule acetyl co-A synthetase-2 inhibitor (ACSS2 inhibitor) compounds for potential use in cancer treatment.

These compounds, acquired from Metabomed LTD, have shown promise in both animal and human cancer studies. Early research demonstrated that a first-generation compound was effective in patient-derived xenograft models with high ACSS2 expression. This included use as a single agent in colorectal and triple-negative breast cancers, and in combination with platinum in gastric, ovarian, and non-small cell lung cancers. The license also covers second-generation compounds.

In return, EpiVario received an upfront payment and equity stake in ReEngage Therapeutics, along with future milestone and royalty payments.

“This is an untapped portfolio within EpiVario,” said Thomas Kim, President and CEO of EpiVario. “This license allows us to monetize latent assets by leveraging their potential in oncology. We are fortunate to have access to compounds that already have extensive data in multiple tumor types. By establishing this license with ReEngage Therapeutics, we are maximizing the benefit that this class of small molecules can provide to patients in need.”

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: EpiVario’s Strategic Partnership with ReEngage Therapeutics

The implications of this deal extend beyond financial gain. For EpiVario, it represents a strategic pivot to exploit existing assets in new therapeutic areas. The decision to license these compounds to ReEngage Therapeutics highlights the potential versatility of ACSS2 inhibitors. These inhibitors, initially developed for addiction disorders, now stand poised to make significant impacts in oncology.

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The collaboration between EpiVario and ReEngage Therapeutics could accelerate the development of these promising compounds. Leveraging the oncology expertise of ReEngage, this partnership may bring new cancer therapies to market more rapidly. With cancer remaining one of the leading causes of death worldwide, breakthroughs in treatment options are crucial.

Additionally, EpiVario’s move showcases the growing trend in the biotech industry to repurpose and adapt existing drugs for new indications. This strategy not only maximizes the utility of previously developed compounds but also reduces the time and cost associated with bringing new treatments to patients.

For patients, this partnership offers hope. The compounds licensed to ReEngage Therapeutics have shown therapeutic potential in some of the most challenging cancer types, including colorectal, triple-negative breast, gastric, ovarian, and non-small cell lung cancers. If successful in clinical trials, these treatments could offer new options for patients with limited alternatives.

EpiVario’s licensing deal with ReEngage Therapeutics exemplifies a forward-thinking approach in biotech, aiming to bridge gaps in treatment and deliver on the promise of innovative science.

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