EPAM Systems Acquires Health Data Analytics Firm Odysseus

EPAM Systems, Inc.

NEWTOWN, PAEPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM) has acquired Odysseus Data Services, Inc., a leading company in health data analytics. This acquisition aims to enhance EPAM’s capabilities in transforming the life sciences value chain through advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

“We are pleased to have Odysseus join EPAM,” said Greg Killian, Senior Vice President of Life Sciences at EPAM. “Odysseus’ strength in Real-World Evidence and Real-World Data offers a critical connection across multiple segments of the life sciences value chain. Our combined strengths position us to lead the next wave of innovation based on standardized data powering AI and GenAI.”

Odysseus, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializes in generating healthcare data insights for clients through data science, software engineering, and data management. The company focuses on a systematic approach to healthcare data analytics, which helps improve understanding of drug treatment, safety, efficacy, epidemiological research, provider support, quality measurements, and cost reduction. Odysseus is also an active member of the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) collaborative, contributing to open standards and open science initiatives.

“We’re excited to join the EPAM family,” said Gregory Klebanov, CEO of Odysseus. “Combining EPAM’s expertise in AI, machine learning, data analytics, and cloud infrastructure with our healthcare data analytics and Real-World Evidence capabilities will allow us to address the entire life sciences value chain more comprehensively.”

EPAM’s Strategic Move: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Advanced Technologies

The acquisition signifies EPAM’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to drive better outcomes in life sciences. By integrating Odysseus’ expertise, EPAM aims to enhance its ability to support life sciences research, clinical studies, and post-market surveillance.

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For the healthcare industry, this merger could mean more efficient and effective data-driven decision-making processes. Improved data analytics can lead to better patient outcomes, more accurate drug safety assessments, and overall advancements in healthcare research. This move positions EPAM as a significant player in the evolving landscape of healthcare data analytics and AI-driven innovations.

As the healthcare industry increasingly relies on data to inform decisions, the combined forces of EPAM and Odysseus are set to lead in providing comprehensive solutions that support the entire life sciences value chain. This merger highlights the growing importance of integrating sophisticated data analytics and AI to push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare and life sciences.

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