Enpass Unveils Secure Integration with Google Workspace


WILMINGTON, DE — Enpass has announced the launch of its latest integration, Enpass 6.11.0, or Enpass Business for Google Workspace, enhancing its password management capabilities. This release builds on last year’s successful integration with Microsoft 365, which gained widespread acceptance among security- and compliance-conscious companies.

Unlike most password managers that store user data on vendor-controlled servers, Enpass takes a different approach. It ensures that encrypted password data remains within a client’s own infrastructure. Businesses can choose to store data on employee devices or within their existing business cloud. This flexibility addresses compliance issues for organizations with mandates against external data storage and alleviates security concerns about sensitive information leaving their control.

Enpass CEO Hemant Kumar highlighted the unique security features of their offering. “With Enpass, no client data is stored on — or even passes through — Enpass servers. Business clients and personal users alike have 100% control over where their data is stored,” said Kumar. He stressed the importance of this feature in an environment where ransomware threats are prevalent, emphasizing that the solution combines secure password management with stringent data control.

Enpass Business for Google Workspace allows for deep customization of security options. Its comprehensive feature set includes:

  • Unlimited vaults with an intuitive user interface
  • Easy, secure, instant vault sharing for teams
  • Simple permissions management for shared vaults
  • Easy provisioning and automatic offboarding
  • Fine-grained password rules and enforcement
  • Access recovery for lost master passwords
  • Monitoring for unsafe passwords and website breaches
  • One-click password generation and auto-fill
  • Simple passkey management and syncing
  • Customizable templates, categories, and tags
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Secure Password Management for Today’s Cyber Challenges

The ability to customize security options means businesses can tailor their password management to fit specific needs. This is crucial as cybersecurity threats evolve and become more sophisticated. Companies require robust tools to protect sensitive information while maintaining operational efficiency.

For businesses, the most significant advantage of Enpass’s approach is control. By keeping data within their own trusted storage, enterprises mitigate risks associated with third-party data breaches and compliance violations. This level of control is especially critical for industries with stringent regulatory requirements, such as healthcare, finance, and legal services.

Furthermore, the emphasis on secure vault sharing and easy permissions management enhances collaboration within teams. Employees can share necessary credentials without compromising security, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. This feature is particularly beneficial for remote and hybrid work environments, where secure information sharing is essential.

The integration with Google Workspace also highlights Enpass’s commitment to providing versatile solutions that align with the tools businesses already use. As more companies rely on cloud-based productivity suites, seamless integration with these platforms becomes increasingly important. It simplifies the adoption process and ensures that password management does not disrupt existing workflows.

In conclusion, Enpass’s new integration with Google Workspace marks a significant advancement in secure password management. By offering businesses control over their data and customizable security options, Enpass addresses key concerns about compliance and data protection. This strategic move not only strengthens Enpass’s position in the market but also provides enterprises with the tools they need to safeguard their digital assets in an era of heightened cybersecurity threats.

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