Englewood Industrial Solutions Earns Prestigious Minority Supplier Certification

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BROOMALL, PA — Englewood Industrial Solutions LLC has achieved a significant milestone by earning certification from the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (EMSDC) in April 2024. This recognition places the company among a select group of minority-owned businesses known for their commitment to excellence and diversity.

The EMSDC, a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), certifies and connects minority-owned enterprises with corporations seeking diverse products, services, and solutions. The certification process is rigorous, requiring businesses to demonstrate at least 51% minority ownership, control, and daily operations managed by minority group members.

“Achieving this certification reflects our dedication to quality and inclusivity,” said a spokesperson for Englewood Industrial Solutions. “We are proud to join the ranks of certified minority-owned businesses that meet the high standards set by NMSDC.”

The Business Advantage of EMSDC Certification

Certification by the EMSDC is more than just a badge of honor; it is a strategic advantage in today’s business environment. Companies increasingly prioritize supplier diversity as part of their corporate social responsibility goals. Partnering with certified minority-owned businesses helps corporations meet these objectives while accessing innovative products and services.

For Englewood Industrial Solutions, this certification opens new doors. It provides opportunities to collaborate with large corporations committed to supporting diverse suppliers. This can lead to increased business opportunities and growth for Englewood Industrial Solutions. The company specializes in industrial tape and supplies, offering a wide range of premium products tailored to meet client needs.

For the broader market, increasing the pool of certified minority-owned suppliers enhances competition and innovation. It encourages more businesses to adopt inclusive practices, fostering a diverse and dynamic marketplace. Corporations benefit by partnering with these suppliers, gaining access to unique perspectives and solutions that can drive business success.

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From an economic standpoint, supporting minority-owned businesses contributes to community development and economic empowerment. It helps create jobs and stimulates local economies, promoting broader economic growth.

In conclusion, Englewood Industrial Solutions’ certification by the EMSDC is a noteworthy achievement. It affirms the company’s commitment to excellence and diversity and positions it as a trusted partner for corporations seeking high-quality industrial solutions. This milestone not only benefits Englewood Industrial Solutions but also contributes to a more inclusive and competitive business landscape.

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