Dorman Products Opens Expansive Drive Shaft Manufacturing Facility in Virginia Beach

Dorman Products

COLMAR, PADorman Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: DORM) has announced the grand opening of a new 100,000-square-foot drive shaft manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, VA. The ribbon-cutting ceremony at 464 Progress Lane is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th. This marks a significant expansion from its former site, which was five times smaller.

The new plant joins Dorman’s existing sites in Reno, NV, and Portland, TN, in designing, manufacturing, and distributing over 3,600 precision steel and aluminum drive shafts and related driveline components across North America. Shiva Menon, General Manager for Dorman’s Driveline business, noted that the facility represents the company’s growth in the automotive drive shaft market sector.

Menon stated, “We’ve seen increased demand for this product line, and we’re making this move to expand our capacity to produce, stock, and ship our products to better serve our customers.”

Drive shafts are critical for vehicle safety, and Dorman is known for its efficiency in production and shipping. The new plant features advanced computer-controlled machinery, robotic welding, and drive shaft balancing and testing equipment. These tools enhance the engineering and manufacturing process for front and rear drive shafts.

One key aspect of the new facility is its custom packaging area, designed to maintain the precise balance of the drive shafts during shipping. Protecting these components ensures they arrive in optimal condition.

Eric Luftig, Senior Vice President of Product, highlighted the substantial investment in the new plant. “Dorman invested millions of dollars in this world-class facility in response to our customers’ needs. The new Virginia Beach plant will help our team of engineers and skilled tradespeople design, produce, and promptly ship some of the highest quality drive shafts in the automotive industry.”

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Luftig also emphasized the broader impact of this expansion. “We’re especially proud to note that this newest facility increases Dorman’s USA-based manufacturing footprint to well over one million square feet nationwide. We’re a global manufacturer with one of the most recognized names in the automotive aftermarket. It’s especially exciting when we can create even more great manufacturing jobs right here in the United States.”

Dorman’s Drive: Accelerating Automotive Innovation and Boosting Local Economies

The opening of the new Virginia Beach facility has several important implications. Firstly, it demonstrates Dorman’s commitment to meeting increased demand in the automotive sector by boosting production capacity. This expansion ensures the company can maintain timely delivery and high-quality standards, vital for customer satisfaction and safety.

Additionally, the investment highlights the importance of domestic manufacturing. By expanding its U.S. footprint, Dorman not only enhances its operational efficiency but also contributes to the local economy through job creation. This move reflects a broader trend of companies recognizing the value of bringing manufacturing operations closer to home.

In conclusion, Dorman’s new facility represents a strategic effort to strengthen its market position and better serve its customers while supporting domestic manufacturing growth. This development is a positive indicator for the automotive industry and the communities where these new jobs are being created.

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