Delaware Schools Empower Next-Generation Scientists with CRISPR in a Box

Carolina Partners with ChristianaCare Gene Editing Institute to Launch CRISPR in a Box KitsCarolina Partners with ChristianaCare Gene Editing Institute to Launch CRISPR in a Box Kits /Submitted Image

WILMINGTON, DE — In a trailblazing partnership, Carolina Biological Supply Company, a leading supplier of school science materials, and the ChristianaCare Gene Editing Institute, have combined forces to demystify a ground-breaking scientific frontier for students. They’re introducing an affordable, educational innovation known as CRISPR in a Box™.

This kit, designed for freshmen to seniors in high school as well as for higher education, simplifies the intricacies of gene editing. It gives students a hands-on opportunity to explore the fascinating world of CRISPR gene editing, a technology revolutionizing today’s scientific landscape.

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) gene editing works like a pair of “molecular scissors.” By understanding how to cut DNA at specific points, students can delete sections or replace them with alternative sequences. This unique, hands-on approach has seen CRISPR in a Box™ reach schools across the U.S with over 750 students already benefiting from the resource.

The educational kit has earned recognition as a finalist in the Best of STEM 2023 Awards. It’s been praised by entities including the National Science Teaching Association, MCH Strategic Data, and the National Association of Biology Teachers.

Carolina Biological carries the torch for authentic, hands-on learning experiences, alongside the Gene Editing Institute. Their joint mission is to prepare future scientists not through simulated labs or shortened transformations, but with true-to-life, educational challenges. Through this partnership, students can experience the realities of an actual functioning laboratory.

The unveiling of the new version of CRISPR in a Box™ will take place at Carolina’s booth at the National Science Teaching Association national conference in Denver, Colorado, happening March 20-23, 2024. It features an improved teacher guide and is available for schools to purchase now.

At the Gene Editing Institute, there’s a unifying vision to engage, inspire, and empower future scientists. They are committed to ensuring access to this resource from all walks of life, and committing to breaking down socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic barriers in science education.

CRISPR in a Box™ provides students with the same tools scientists use worldwide. This exposure, coupled with mentoring field trips to the Gene Editing Institute’s Learning Lab, enhances students’ education. It brings out their passion for science, sparking their curiosity and potential career interests.

The collaboration with Carolina aims to fast-track access to CRISPR in a Box™, contributing to the creation of the next generation of gene-editing scientists. The initiative recognizes the importance of a diverse gene-editing workforce and champions the exploration of this growing field by all students.

CRISPR in a Box™ offers students the opportunity to learn how CRISPR interacts with DNA. The kit breaks down each portion of the gene-editing reaction into manageable steps, providing insightful teaching moments along the way.

For teachers, the kit comes with a comprehensive guide featuring background information, an experimental overview, and support for teachers new to CRISPR reactions. It also includes a digital teacher guide and a one-year subscription to Carolina Science Online® Resources. The kit materials are sufficient for ten experiments and can be purchased with perishable items or with a voucher for later redemption.

The future of gene editing is bright and full of endless possibilities. Through the hands-on experience provided by CRISPR in a Box™, students from all backgrounds in Delaware and across the nation have the opportunity to discover the exciting world of gene editing.

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