Delaware Revises Striped Bass Size Limit for Summer Season

Striped BassImage via Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

DOVER, DE — The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control announced a revision to Delaware’s recreational striped bass summer slot size limit. Starting July 1, the new regulation changes the allowable catch size from 20- to 25-inches to a narrower 20- to 24-inches. This update aims to align with Addendum II to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Atlantic Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan (FMP).

The revised slot season affects the Delaware River, Bay, and their tidal tributaries, running from July 1 to August 31. The adjustment follows ASMFC’s efforts to reduce fishing mortality rates for striped bass and support stock rebuilding. Approved in February, Addendum II maintains the recreational measures set by ASMFC’s emergency action in 2023. It mandates that states with alternate recreational measures, like Delaware’s slot season, reduce striped bass removals by 15%.

The change is part of a broader strategy to manage the striped bass population sustainably. Overfishing and environmental factors have placed significant pressure on this species, necessitating stricter controls. By narrowing the size limit, officials aim to decrease the number of fish caught, giving populations a chance to recover.

Understanding the striped bass slot size limit is essential for anglers planning to fish in the designated areas. The updated regulations can be found in the 2024 Delaware Fishing Guide, available online. Compliance with these rules helps ensure that the striped bass population remains viable for future generations.

Sustainable Fishing and Striped Bass: Delaware’s Conservation Commitment

The initiative reflects Delaware’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices and the health of its aquatic ecosystems. Proper management of fish stocks involves balancing recreational fishing interests with conservation needs. The revision of the slot size limit demonstrates an ongoing effort to achieve this balance.

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The ASMFC’s role in regulating marine fisheries along the Atlantic coast includes coordinating conservation efforts among member states. By adhering to the commission’s guidelines, Delaware contributes to a collective effort to protect and restore striped bass populations.

Fishermen and enthusiasts are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new regulations before heading out on the water. Staying informed and following the rules not only supports conservation goals but also ensures a sustainable fishery for all to enjoy.

The adjustment in Delaware’s striped bass slot size limit marks a proactive step in fisheries management. As fishing practices evolve, so must the regulations that govern them. This change represents a commitment to preserving one of the region’s valued natural resources, ensuring that striped bass fishing remains a cherished activity in Delaware for years to come.

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