Delaware County Sends Out 100,000 Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications, Encouraging Participation in Upcoming Elections

VoteImage via Canva

MEDIA, PA — In a bid to ensure that every voice is heard in the upcoming elections, the Delaware County Elections Department has sent out approximately 100,000 vote-by-mail ballot applications to registered voters. This significant mailing, which went out on January 18, 2024, is part of the county’s commitment to facilitating voting and follows the state law requirement for annual application to receive mail or absentee ballots.

Pennsylvania law mandates that voters must apply each year if they wish to receive mail or absentee ballots for that year’s Primary and General elections. It’s a process that requires a valid ID and a sense of civic duty.

The recent mailing targeted those who have utilized mail or absentee ballots in previous elections. However, it’s essential to note that these were applications, not actual ballots. Voters are given several options to complete and submit these applications. They can scan a QR Code on the form, visit the state’s Votes PA website to apply online, or fill out the paper application and return it by mail to the Delaware County Elections Office.

The deadline for applying for a mail or absentee ballot for the April 23, 2024 Primary is April 16, 2024. This gives voters ample time to complete and submit their applications, ensuring they can participate in the democratic process even if they cannot physically make it to the polls on election day.

The importance of this mail-out extends beyond the immediate convenience it provides to voters. It symbolizes the commitment of Delaware County to making voting as accessible as possible. In an era where the right to vote is being fiercely debated and protected, efforts like these help ensure that all eligible voters can exercise their democratic rights.

Furthermore, this initiative highlights how technology can streamline the voting process. By including a QR code and an online application option, Delaware County is modernizing the voting process and making it easier for residents to engage in their civic duty.

In a broader sense, facilitating vote-by-mail options is crucial in today’s context. Whether it’s concerns about public health, logistical challenges, or simply the hectic pace of modern life, having the option to vote by mail ensures that more citizens can participate in the democratic process.

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