Core Solutions Unveils AI-Powered Tool to Revolutionize Behavioral Health Diagnosis

Core Solutions Partners

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — Core Solutions, Inc. (Core) recently launched Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking. This cutting-edge addition to Core’s suite of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions promises to transform the way behavioral health symptoms are identified and connected to diagnoses, allowing for more precise and effective treatment plans.

Symptom Tracking leverages AI to analyze large datasets, identifying behavioral health symptoms and linking them to potential diagnoses. This enables healthcare providers to track care progress over time and implement evidence-based, actionable insights. The tool is designed to bolster measurement- and value-based care, crucial in settings where 40% of patients face unmet behavioral health needs.

The solution is particularly beneficial for health plans, health information exchanges, population health management organizations, integrated delivery systems, and primary care providers. These entities are increasingly focused on measurement- and value-based payment models, seeking to enhance behavioral health services and preventive care.

Utilizing natural language processing (NLP), Symptom Tracking can sift through notes from providers and caregivers within the treatment ecosystem. It generates visual representations of symptom trends and potential diagnoses, aiding clinical decision-making. This AI tool can be seamlessly integrated into any electronic health record (EHR) or care management platform through an application programming interface (API).

Michael Lardieri, LCSW, Core’s Senior Vice President of Strategy, emphasized the tool’s importance: “We developed Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking to provide organizations with a method to effectively identify and engage individuals needing behavioral health support.” He highlighted the tool’s ability to deliver timely, accurate intelligence, enhancing care access and supporting preventive interventions. According to Lardieri, adopters of Symptom Tracking can expect a significant return on investment, underlining the solution’s value to healthcare organizations.

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As healthcare continues to evolve towards more data-driven and patient-centric models, tools like Symptom Tracking represent a significant advancement in meeting the complex needs of patients with behavioral health conditions. By facilitating quicker, more informed clinical decisions, Core Solutions’ latest offering has the potential to save lives, cut unnecessary services, and markedly improve healthcare outcomes.

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