Comcast Business Launches 5-Year Price Lock Guarantee for New Internet and Cybersecurity Customers

Comcast Business

PHILADELPHIA, PAComcast Business has introduced a “5-Year Price Lock Guarantee” event for new Business Internet and cybersecurity customers. This initiative, announced this week, aims to provide price stability and financial predictability to businesses amidst a competitive market landscape.

The price lock guarantee applies to Comcast Business Internet Advanced (800 Mbps), Gigabit Extra (1.25 Gbps), and 2 Gigabit speed tier customers who also subscribe to Comcast Business SecurityEdge™ with a one-year term agreement. Under this offer, customers can lock in their monthly service charge for five years, excluding equipment, taxes, and fees. The guarantee is available to new customers through August 21, 2024.

In today’s business environment, cost efficiency and predictability are crucial. Businesses need fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to support their operations, stay competitive, and maintain customer satisfaction. Comcast Business’s new offer aims to deliver financial reassurance alongside top-notch reliability and security.

“For the first time ever, new customers can get the peace of mind and transparency of a 5-Year Price Lock Guarantee on our best Internet and security packages. It’s the complete connectivity package for businesses with 99.9% reliable gig speeds, security, and a price that won’t change for five years,” said Eileen Diskin, Chief Marketing Officer at Comcast Business. “We’re proud to extend this exciting offer to new qualifying customers and reinforce our commitment to delivering unmatched reliability, speed, security, and value to businesses.”

This initiative by Comcast Business aims to support businesses by providing stable and predictable pricing for critical internet and cybersecurity services. By locking in rates, businesses can better manage budgets and focus on growth without worrying about fluctuating costs.

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