Big 5 Sporting Goods Partners with FreedomPay to Enhance Checkout Experience


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Big 5 Sporting Goods has announced a strategic partnership with FreedomPay to enhance commerce security and capabilities across its 424 stores in the United States. This collaboration aims to provide customers with a faster, more secure checkout experience, driven by FreedomPay’s advanced technology.

Big 5’s Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of IT, Michael Shinagawa, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership. “Big 5 is excited to start this new partnership with FreedomPay,” he said. “This collaboration will allow Big 5 to continue its commitment to providing exceptional value and service to its customers.”

The integration of FreedomPay’s platform will offer Big 5 customers a frictionless payment process in-store. This improvement not only speeds up transactions but also enhances security, a crucial factor in today’s retail environment where data breaches are a significant concern. Additionally, FreedomPay’s data-driven platform will enable Big 5 to implement loyalty programs and incentives, further elevating the customer experience.

Nate Ware, Senior Vice President of Sales & Digital Development at FreedomPay, highlighted the impact of the partnership. “Together, FreedomPay and Big 5 Sporting Goods are creating a more seamless customer experience,” he said. “FreedomPay is tapped by the top retail brands around the world to transform payments, and we’re excited to partner with Big 5 Sporting Goods to bring a next level experience to their customers.”

Big 5 Sporting Goods Elevates Customer Experience with Tech and Data

The move comes as retailers increasingly focus on leveraging technology to improve customer engagement and streamline operations. By adopting advanced payment solutions, Big 5 aims to meet the growing expectations of consumers who demand quick and secure transactions. This shift not only enhances customer satisfaction but also strengthens brand loyalty, a critical component for retail success in a competitive market.

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Moreover, the use of data analytics provided by FreedomPay allows Big 5 to better understand customer behavior and preferences. This insight can be used to tailor marketing strategies, personalize shopping experiences, and offer targeted promotions. For example, loyalty programs enabled by the platform can reward frequent shoppers, encouraging repeat business and increasing overall sales.

In the broader context, this partnership highlights the importance of digital transformation in retail. As the industry evolves, brick-and-mortar stores must integrate digital tools to remain relevant and competitive. The adoption of secure, efficient payment systems is a key part of this transformation, ensuring that physical stores can offer the same convenience and security as online platforms.

For Big 5, this partnership with FreedomPay represents a significant investment in enhancing its operational capabilities and future-proofing its business. By focusing on delivering a superior checkout experience, the company positions itself to better compete in the dynamic retail landscape.

In conclusion, the partnership between Big 5 Sporting Goods and FreedomPay is poised to bring substantial benefits to both the retailer and its customers. Enhanced payment security, faster transactions, and data-driven loyalty programs will contribute to a more satisfying shopping experience. This strategic move underscores Big 5’s commitment to innovation and customer service, setting the stage for continued growth and success in the retail sector.

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