Apache Celeborn Elevates to Top-Level Project, Revolutionizing Big Data Computing

The Apache Software Foundation

WILMINGTON, DE — The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced this week that Apache Celeborn has been promoted from an incubator project to a Top-Level Project (TLP). Designed as an intermediate data service, Celeborn represents a leap forward in enhancing the performance, stability, and flexibility of big data engines. The project is now available for public download, marking a milestone in its developmental trajectory.

Yu Li, an ASF Member and Incubator program mentor, lauded the Celeborn community for their achievement. “The graduation to a Top-Level Project underscores the community’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, embodying ASF’s principle of prioritizing community over code,” he stated. Celeborn’s evolution reflects significant progress in its technology and community engagement, with contributions aimed at refining and expanding its capabilities.

Celeborn serves as a Remote Shuffle Service (RSS) for big data computing engines, offering key features that address long-standing challenges in the field. Its ability to decouple storage and compute processes enables integration with major data engines like Spark, Flink, and MapReduce. This not only optimizes I/O efficiency but also enhances the system’s performance through smarter data reorganization and memory utilization for caching.

One of Celeborn’s standout features is its use of Apache Ratis to ensure high availability and fault tolerance, significantly minimizing the risk of failure and data loss. Furthermore, its flexible deployment options, including standalone and Kubernetes-based setups, cater to diverse operational environments.

Li Luo, Director of Data Infrastructure at Shopee, shared insights into the practical benefits of adopting Celeborn, highlighting the cost savings and efficiency gains achievable through the solution’s innovative joint scheduling and utilization features. Luo’s testimony reflects the broader industry’s embracement of Celeborn, with numerous companies already integrating the service into their production environments.

Looking ahead, the Celeborn team is committed to continuous improvement, with plans to introduce TLS for secure communications, support for object stores as a storage backend, and compatibility with additional data types and computing engines. These enhancements aim to meet the evolving needs of users and solidify Celeborn’s position as a foundational tool in the big data computing landscape.

The ascent of Apache Celeborn to a Top-Level Project within the ASF signifies a pivotal moment for big data technology. By offering a robust framework for improving big data engine performance, Celeborn not only facilitates more efficient data processing but also fosters a collaborative ecosystem where developers and organizations can contribute to and benefit from shared innovations. This milestone heralds a new chapter in the quest for more resilient, adaptable, and cost-effective big data solutions.

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