AIIR Consulting CEO Jonathan Kirschner to Speak at NYU Coaching and Technology Summit

AIIR Consulting

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D., founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting, will join a panel discussion at the 2024 NYU Coaching and Technology Summit. The event, centered on digital coaching and human development technology, is set for June 6-7 at the Kimmel Center for University Life in New York.

Kirschner will speak on Thursday at 1:35 p.m. ET, joining moderator Anna Tavis, Ph.D., Clinical Professor and Chair of the Human Capital Management Department at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, along with other industry experts.

The summit aims to explore the evolving landscape of digital coaching. Kirschner and other panelists will delve into challenges and opportunities presented by advancements in artificial intelligence. They will discuss the implications of these technological shifts for executive leadership performance and organizational success.

AIIR Consulting, known for its innovative approach to leadership development, sponsors the expo happy hour on Thursday at 4:35 p.m. This provides an opportunity for attendees to network and learn about the latest in digital coaching technology.

The NYU Coaching and Technology Summit gathers worldwide experts and innovators in the coaching space. The event facilitates discussions on integrating technology in coaching practices, highlighting how these tools can enhance human capital management.

Dr. Kirschner’s participation is significant as he brings extensive experience in executive coaching and leadership development. His insights are expected to shed light on how AI and digital tools can drive better outcomes for leaders and their teams.

Empowering Leadership: Navigating the Digital Era with AI Coaching

The importance of this discussion extends beyond the summit. As businesses navigate a rapidly changing market, effective leadership becomes crucial. Digital coaching tools powered by AI offer personalized development paths for leaders, making them more adaptable and resilient. These tools can analyze vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights, improving decision-making and strategic planning.

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For organizations, investing in such technologies means staying competitive. Leaders equipped with advanced coaching tools can foster innovation, enhance employee engagement, and drive organizational growth. The discussions at the summit could influence how companies approach leadership development in the digital age.

In summary, Jonathan Kirschner’s participation in the NYU Coaching and Technology Summit highlights a critical conversation about the future of executive coaching. By focusing on the intersection of technology and human development, the summit aims to pave the way for more effective and adaptive leadership strategies in a dynamic business environment.

The event promises to be a vital forum for professionals looking to leverage technology in their coaching practices, ultimately impacting how organizations cultivate and sustain their leadership talent.

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