A New Standard in Airport Sustainability: Philadelphia’s Department of Aviation Unveils Comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

PHL Terminal PlantsImage via the Philadelphia Airport

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Philadelphia’s Department of Aviation (DOA) is soaring to new heights in sustainability and inclusiveness. Recognized for its robust Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE) initiatives, the DOA is once again making headlines for a groundbreaking 40-page Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report.

In a commendable collaborative effort, the DOA’s Finance and Sustainability Units have given a comprehensive overview of the department’s strides in making airports more sustainable. This annual report goes beyond the scope of previous fiscal summaries, diving into the minutiae of the DOA’s economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Cassandra Williams, Vice President of Finance & Accounting, expressed satisfaction at the ability of her department to synthesize the vast array of positive changes happening throughout the DOA. The ESG report serves as a testament to their diligent efforts and as an essential tool for investors and rating agencies.

The Finance Unit’s role at PHL and PNE airports is not limited to managing cash reserves and supporting the airport’s capital plan. It also encompasses auditing practices and ensuring the use of the best fiscal reporting practices. Their prudent management has earned the DOA high ratings from prominent agencies such as Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s.

Jessica Noon, the Sustainability Manager at DOA, shared that the annual ESG report allows the airport to promote its many sustainability endeavors. It establishes the DOA’s commitment to transparency and accountability for fulfilling its sustainability targets.

The ESG report is divided into three sections:

Environment: The report outlines DOA’s Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) and its goal of reducing emissions and increasing recycling. It also charts progress towards reducing carbon footprints, transitioning to zero or low-carbon energy and fuels, preparing for climate resilience, implementing sustainable design standards, and expanding waste diversion efforts.

Social: DOA has prioritized Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion within the workforce at all levels. The organization has seen significant representation of minorities and women, both in general staffing and senior positions. The report also highlights DOA’s effective talent management programs, deliberate efforts to enhance passenger experience, and comprehensive community outreach.

Governance: The report highlights the establishment of the DOA as a major step towards efficiency and independence. It outlines the Aviation Fund’s role, funded by various airport revenue streams and not reliant on local tax dollars. Plus, it underscores the diverse constitution of the department’s management team.

Atif Saeed, a noted figure in the DOA, affirmed the importance of this annual ESG report. It gives them an opportunity to communicate their commitment to environmental advocacy, being a good neighbor, and safeguarding the public’s trust in their operations.

In essence, the DOA’s ESG report is an attestation to its efforts to leverage airports as a driving force for sustainable change. The detailed report encompasses a myriad of ongoing initiatives – from reducing carbon footprints and enhancing diversity to influence governance structures. It’s an illuminating beacon for other institutions, signaling that responsible stewardship of the environment, social equity, and robust governance goes hand-in-hand with successful operations.

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