1infinity Venture Aims to Raise $500 Million for Responsible AI Fund

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WILMINGTON, DE — 1infinity Venture announced plans to raise $500 million for its first fund dedicated to fostering responsible, safe, and green artificial intelligence (AI). This move marks a significant step in the firm’s mission to support transformative AI technologies that adhere to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

The funding round has attracted strong interest from investors and is expected to close soon. The high demand reflects the growing recognition of the importance of developing responsible and sustainable AI, as well as investor confidence in 1infinity Ventures’ strategic vision.

Jiazi Guo, who brings experience from roles at LEGO Ventures, Foothill Ventures, Two Sigma, and Tsinghua Ventures, is leading the fundraising effort. As a General Partner at 1infinity Ventures, Guo’s diverse expertise positions her uniquely to drive forward innovative and responsible AI investments.

1infinity Ventures seeks to raise $500 million in fresh capital for what will be the first global AI fund of its kind. This ambitious effort underscores the firm’s commitment to advancing AI solutions that prioritize safety, responsibility, and sustainability.

The firm has identified an extensive pipeline of companies worldwide poised to benefit from this fund. 1infinity Ventures aims to support visionary founders and groundbreaking ideas addressing critical AI challenges in global markets. Despite an overall decline in venture capital, AI remains a key driver, with significant investments helping to stabilize the market.

“At 1infinity Ventures, we’re committed to pioneering industry-transforming tools and technologies,” said Dr. Seth Dobrin. “Our fund, uniquely led by world-renowned technical experts, is perfectly positioned to identify and foster modern, accessible, and decentralized AI solutions that are safe for everyone.”

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The inaugural fund targets various development stages, from pre-seed companies to Series B startups. By providing financial support and strategic guidance, 1infinity Ventures aims to accelerate the growth of promising AI technologies that can positively impact society and the environment.

Cyrus Hodes, known for his roles as co-Founder of Stability AI and Partner at FoundersX Ventures, is also involved in raising the fund. His focus on developing safe and responsible AI reflects his commitment to beneficial innovations in emerging tech, particularly in AI.

AI tools are reshaping how venture capital firms operate, making processes more efficient and data-driven. 1infinity Ventures is already using multiple AI tools to enhance its operations, demonstrating its commitment to leveraging AI to improve investment outcomes and decision-making.

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