Pennsylvania’s Native Biodiversity Receives a $444,364 Boost to Safeguard Its Future

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)

HARRISBURG, PA — The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn recently announced that $444,364 has been awarded to 12 projects dedicated to protecting Pennsylvania’s native biodiversity. This funding highlights the state’s ongoing commitment to preserving its natural habitats and wildlife.

“The Shapiro Administration proudly supports these projects, which will protect and conserve the Commonwealth’s native wildlife resources for future generations,” Dunn said. “Protecting Pennsylvania’s vulnerable wildlife species from the impacts of climate change, human impacts, and other threats is the driving principle of the Wild Resource Conservation Program and is central to DCNR’s core mission.”

The Wild Resource Conservation Program, overseen by DCNR, is at the forefront of these conservation efforts. Initiated in 1982, this program has been instrumental in safeguarding Pennsylvania’s non-game animals, native plants, and their habitats. It focuses on three main areas: species surveys to monitor wildlife populations, conservation projects to protect species and habitats, and management initiatives to ensure sustainable practices.

These 12 new grant-funded projects are expected to have a substantial impact on the state’s ability to protect its diverse native wildlife resources, including bird and mammal species, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and wild plants.

As climate change and human activities continue to threaten wildlife populations and alter natural habitats, proactive measures like these are vital to ensuring the long-term survival of Pennsylvania’s native species. These projects not only conserve biodiversity but also contribute to the overall health of the state’s ecosystems, which are crucial for clean air and water, food production, and outdoor recreation.

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Pennsylvanians can support the Wild Resource Conservation Program through the purchase of the new Eastern Hellbender or river otter license plates, or by contributing to the fund through a tax check-off program. This is an opportunity for residents to directly participate in the preservation of the state’s rich natural heritage, ensuring that Pennsylvania’s diverse wildlife and habitats can be enjoyed by future generations.

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