Philadelphia Nonprofits Receive Funds to Enhance Mental Health Services

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HARRISBURG, PA — Attorney General Michelle Henry announced that two Philadelphia-based nonprofit organizations, Center for Families and Relationships (CFAR) and Project HOME, will each receive $520,125 to bolster mental health services and related programs. The funds follow the closure of the Juniata Community Mental Health Clinic due to fraud.

The money comes from a restitution order by the U.S. Department of Justice after multiple defendants were convicted of fraud and money laundering connected to the now-closed clinic. The Office of Attorney General chose CFAR and Project HOME as recipients to ensure the funds support the community.

Filling a Void in Services

“This federal prosecution yielded a significant restitution figure that will now help to fill a void in services by enhancing programs and extending the reach of these two exceptional organizations,” said Attorney General Henry. “Our selection of these organizations is based on their positive work helping children and families, and their potential to help even more people in Philadelphia going forward.”

Checks and a judge’s order approving the distribution have been sent to the organizations. Jacqueline Romero, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, emphasized the importance of this restitution. “We are very pleased that the PA Attorney General has been able to distribute the money ordered paid as restitution to organizations who will put those assets back to good use by providing mental health care for underserved persons in our community,” Romero said.

CFAR’s Impactful Programs in Philadelphia

CFAR provides mental health counseling to youth, families, individuals, and couples. Notably, they offer a program for survivors of gun violence called Together Through Trauma, which includes community workshops to educate and support those affected by gun violence. They also provide bilingual programming through the Children Deserving Services program, offering mental health counseling to uninsured children and families in English and Spanish.

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“These funds will allow the Center for Families and Relationships to hire additional therapists and increase services in underserved communities in Philadelphia,” said CFAR CEO Jordan Brogan. “We’re so grateful for this opportunity to give our vulnerable clients better access to our high-quality family mental health services.”

Boosting Mental Health Services in Philadelphia

The closure of the Juniata Community Mental Health Clinic left a gap in mental health services for many in Philadelphia. By directing restitution funds to CFAR and Project HOME, the Office of Attorney General aims to mitigate this impact. These organizations can now expand their reach, ensuring more individuals and families receive critical mental health support.

Mental health services are essential, especially in underserved communities where access is often limited. This funding not only helps maintain existing programs but also allows for growth and enhancement of services. Increased access to mental health care can lead to better outcomes for individuals and families, fostering healthier communities.

Restitution Reinvented: Transforming Fraud Funds into Community Impact

The distribution of these funds highlights the importance of accountability and restitution in cases of fraud. It shows how legal actions can have positive repercussions, redirecting ill-gotten gains to benefit the community. This approach not only penalizes wrongdoers but also supports recovery and growth in affected areas.

As CFAR and Project HOME implement these funds, their success could serve as a model for future distributions in similar cases. Ensuring that restitution reaches impactful community organizations can maximize the benefits of such legal remedies.

In summary, the allocation of over $1 million to CFAR and Project HOME marks a significant step in addressing the mental health needs of Philadelphia’s underserved populations. The Attorney General’s office, alongside the U.S. Department of Justice, exemplifies how targeted financial restitution can create meaningful change, supporting vital services and enhancing community well-being.

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