Pennsylvania’s Digital Transformation Efforts Honored at Innovator Awards

Code for America

HARRISBURG, PA — The Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience (CODE PA) recently received accolades at the 2024 Code for America Innovator Awards. Recognized for its efforts to improve community access and quality of life for Pennsylvanians, CODE PA was celebrated at the Code for America Summit in Oakland, California.

CODE PA has implemented several digital solutions aimed at making government services more accessible. One notable achievement is a new website that allows Pennsylvanians to appeal denied health plan services through an external review process. Another is an online tool that helps older adults and people with disabilities find in-person assistance for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate (PTRR) program. Additionally, offers a money-back guarantee system enabling residents, businesses, charities, and schools to check their eligibility for refunds on permit, license, or certification application fees.

“CODE PA has built a top-notch team dedicated to creating digital solutions to make government services easier to access and obtain for Pennsylvanians,” said Secretary of Administration Neil Weaver. “The team’s accomplishments over its first year are numerous and impressive. We’re proud that they are being recognized for their work to serve Pennsylvanians and transform how government serves our residents and conducts business.”

“CODE PA’s goal since day one has been to make Pennsylvania’s digital service experiences easier to use and more accessible,” said Bry Pardoe, Executive Director of CODE PA. “It is an honor to be recognized by Code for America for our work to modernize how Pennsylvanians interact with the Commonwealth online – and we look forward to continuing to innovate with Commonwealth agencies to serve Pennsylvanians.”

The Code for America Innovator Awards celebrate those shaping the future of the civic tech community. The Government Changemaker Award recognizes individuals or groups who apply digital solutions to government systems, improving community access and enhancing quality of life while promoting equity.

“Through its innovative use of technology and commitment to advancing human-centered government, the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience is changing lives in Pennsylvania,” said Amanda Renteria, CEO of Code for America. “Code for America is pleased to honor CODE PA with this year’s Government Changemaker Award in recognition of all it has done to make government services more accessible to more people.”

In its inaugural year, CODE PA made significant strides in modernizing Commonwealth websites and digital services, helping Pennsylvanians connect with the resources the state provides. The office focuses on creating user-friendly and accessible digital experiences, aligning with broader goals to enhance public service delivery.

Transforming Public Service: The Digital Revolution in Pennsylvania

In a world increasingly reliant on digital interactions, making government services easily accessible online can dramatically improve citizens’ lives. For older adults and individuals with disabilities, for example, finding assistance for essential programs like PTRR can mean the difference between financial insecurity and stability. Similarly, the ability to appeal denied health services online offers a lifeline to those navigating complex healthcare systems.

Moreover, by facilitating refunds for various application fees through, CODE PA is promoting transparency and accountability in government transactions. This not only builds trust in public institutions but also ensures that residents and businesses receive fair treatment.

These digital innovations also have broader implications for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Streamlined online processes reduce administrative burdens and can save taxpayer money in the long run. By adopting a human-centered approach to digital services, Pennsylvania sets a precedent for how technology can be harnessed to serve the public better.

As CODE PA continues to develop and refine its digital offerings, the potential benefits for residents are vast. The recognition from Code for America highlights the office’s achievements and reinforces the importance of investing in technology to enhance public service.

Pennsylvanians can expect ongoing improvements in how they interact with their government, thanks to the pioneering work of CODE PA. The office’s commitment to innovation and accessibility promises a brighter, more connected future for all residents.

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