Pennsylvania Students Shine in Statewide Financial Literacy Competition

Literacy CompetitionCredit: Commonwealth Media Services

HARRISBURG, PA — A group of astute high school students from across Pennsylvania have showcased their understanding of financial literacy, earning top honors in a statewide competition aimed at enhancing money management skills among young adults. The contest, hosted by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in partnership with Members 1st Federal Credit Union and the office of the Pennsylvania Auditor General, awarded prizes to students for their insightful reflections on the theme, “What Does Financial Literacy Mean to Me?”

Neema Mwemera, a 10th grader from Steelton-Highspire Jr./Sr. High School in Dauphin County, clinched the first place, winning a $2,500 prize. Ashley Rodriguez, an 11th grader from William Allen High School in Lehigh County, secured the second place with a $1,500 prize. The third place was shared between John Ademuwagun from Milton Hershey School and Caleb Masshardt from Cedar Cliff High School, each receiving $1,000. Additional honors and monetary awards were extended to other participants as well, highlighting the depth of talent across the state.

President of Harrisburg University, Dr. Eric Darr, emphasized the critical role of financial literacy in securing a stable future. “Young adults who know how money works are far better prepared to support their families and maintain healthy spending habits,” Dr. Darr stated, underscoring the significance of educating the youth on financial matters.

Each participant in the 11th Annual Financial Literacy Competition, which saw 94 entries from 24 counties, will also receive a $1,000 tuition scholarship to attend Harrisburg University as a full-time student, further incentivizing the pursuit of higher education among Pennsylvania’s youth.

Auditor General Timothy L. DeFoor highlighted the broader implications of financial literacy, pointing out, “If you know how money works, you’re in a better position to understand where it’s going and you’re able to hold government accountable for how it’s being spent.” This statement reflects the competition’s underlying goal of nurturing not just personal financial acumen but also a generation capable of informed civic engagement.

Chad Adams, Chief Relationship Officer for Members 1st, lauded the competition as a pivotal initiative for equipping young individuals with essential life skills. “Having a strong grasp of personal finance is crucial for the next generation to make informed decisions as they grow older,” Adams remarked, commending the winners and thanking the organizers for championing financial literacy.

The successful execution of this competition without the use of taxpayer funds underscores a collaborative effort among educational institutions, government bodies, and private sector partners to invest in the financial health of Pennsylvania’s youth. By fostering an early understanding of financial principles, the competition contributes to the preparation of students for financially responsible adulthood, setting a foundation for economic stability and prosperity in the years to come.

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