Pennsylvania State Police Launches Major Ad Campaign to Boost Recruitment

Pennsylvania State PoliceCredit: Commonwealth Media Services

HARRISBURG, PA — The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) has unveiled a comprehensive advertising campaign aimed at attracting new recruits to its ranks. The campaign, which will utilize various media channels from television to digital and social media, underscores the state’s commitment to public safety and the diverse opportunities available within the PSP.

The ad campaign will kick off with a television commercial during Sunday’s anticipated NHL game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. More spots are slated to air during the March Madness basketball tournament, a strategic move intended to reach a broad audience of potential recruits.

Colonel Christopher Paris, Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, highlighted the breadth of opportunities within the department, stating, “From canines and computer crimes to forensics and fire investigations, whether you’re tactically minded or tech-savvy, dozens of challenging but rewarding job opportunities are waiting for you.”

This recruitment drive comes in the wake of a significant surge in cadet applications to PSP. In 2023, the number of applicants taking the test to become a state trooper saw a staggering 258% increase. This spike followed Governor Shapiro’s decision to waive the college requirement for applicants last August, an initiative aimed at widening the pool of potential recruits.

Looking ahead, the Governor’s 2024-25 budget proposal calls for the addition of four new classes of cadets. These plans signal a concerted effort to equip the PSP with the necessary resources, flexibility, and personnel to continue safeguarding Pennsylvanians.

Becoming a state trooper is no small feat. Eligible applicants must pass a series of rigorous screenings, including a written examination, background check, physical readiness test, medical screening, and psychological screening. Once these hurdles are cleared, candidates can become cadets and begin their training at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.

The academy offers an intensive, approximately 27-week, paramilitary-style training program. Cadets delve into a range of subjects, including Pennsylvania’s crimes and vehicle codes, law enforcement principles and practices, firearms and special equipment training, and physical fitness activities.

Upon graduation, cadets are promoted to the rank of trooper, with an accompanying salary increase. The current annual salary for a state trooper is set at $66,911.

The importance of this recruitment campaign extends beyond filling vacancies within the PSP. It represents an investment in the safety and security of Pennsylvania’s communities. A robust police force equipped with diverse skills can more effectively address a wide array of public safety issues, from tackling cybercrime and conducting forensic investigations to handling tactical operations and emergency response.

The campaign also reflects a shift in traditional law enforcement recruitment strategies, leveraging a multimedia approach to reach potential recruits where they are most likely to engage. By diversifying its recruitment methods, the PSP is adapting to the changing media landscape, maximizing its outreach, and attracting a wider pool of applicants.

For those interested in pursuing a career as a Pennsylvania state trooper, more information is available at This recruitment drive offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a challenging yet rewarding career in law enforcement—one that allows them to serve their community while enjoying a broad spectrum of professional opportunities.

VIDEO: Pennsylvania State Police Recruitment Ad

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