Pennsylvania Senators Warn of E-ZPass Phishing Scam

E-ZPassSubmitted Image

HARRISBURG, PA — State senators from the Pennsylvania Transportation Committee alerted the public to a sophisticated phishing scam targeting E-ZPass users, an attempt by cybercriminals to exploit personal financial information under the guise of unpaid toll fees.

Senators Wayne Langerholc, Jr., a Republican, and Marty Flynn, a Democrat, have jointly issued a cautionary statement to E-ZPass account holders across Pennsylvania. The scam, which has manifested through unsolicited text messages posing as communications from “Pa Turnpike Toll Services,” pressures recipients to settle supposed outstanding toll balances to avoid late fees.

“Every day scammers are finding new ways to hurt and victimize Pennsylvanians,” Langerholc remarked, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness and preventive measures against such deceptive tactics. Flynn echoed these concerns, urging Pennsylvanians to maintain vigilance, especially when handling personal information on mobile devices. He encouraged anyone encountering suspicious activity to report it to the authorities immediately to safeguard themselves and others from potential fraud.

The fraudulent messages are part of a larger trend observed by toll agencies nationwide, signaling a coordinated effort by scammers to target unsuspecting motorists. The senators’ advisory comes as a crucial intervention aimed at curtailing the reach and impact of these illicit activities.

E-ZPass account holders are advised to ignore unsolicited texts, emails, or messages that prompt clicking on links or providing personal information. Instead, customers should verify their account status through secure and official channels, such as the PA Turnpike E-ZPass website or the PA Toll Pay mobile application, available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Victims of the scam—or those suspecting they’ve encountered the phishing attempt—are encouraged to file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center ( This platform serves as a critical resource for reporting and investigating internet-based crimes, facilitating collaboration among law enforcement agencies to address and mitigate the spread of online fraud.

This recent alert highlights the persistent threat of cyber scams and the importance of adopting cautious practices when navigating digital communications. With cybercriminals continually devising new schemes to defraud individuals, public awareness and education remain paramount in combating these digital threats. The proactive stance taken by Pennsylvania’s senators highlights the ongoing efforts to protect citizens from the evolving landscape of cybercrime, reinforcing the message that vigilance and skepticism are essential in the digital age.

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