Pennsylvania Enhances Unemployment Claims Process with New ID Verification Kiosks

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

HARRISBURG, PA — To streamline the unemployment compensation (UC) claims process, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) has unveiled a new initiative to make identity verification more accessible across the state. L&I Secretary Nancy A. Walker recently announced the deployment of kiosks for virtual identity verification, a step forward in assisting Pennsylvanians who have become unemployed through no fault of their own.

At the heart of Pennsylvania’s effort to improve the UC application system is the use of, a vendor selected for its robust fraud-detection capabilities. The challenge of verifying identity online—a prerequisite for filing UC claims—can be daunting, especially for those without internet access or those less familiar with digital platforms. To bridge this gap, L&I has capitalized on grant funding from the U.S. Department of Labor to install kiosks at 17 PA CareerLink® locations and 29 UPS stores throughout the Commonwealth, with plans to expand the service to all PA CareerLink® locations by July.

“These kiosks are a lifeline for folks who don’t have internet access or who need a little extra help navigating online systems,” explained Secretary Walker. The initiative represents a concerted effort to make the UC claims process more inclusive, catering to underserved populations and individuals requiring in-person assistance.

The introduction of these kiosks comes as a relief to many, offering an alternative to the sometimes challenging task of online identity verification. While applicants can still complete the process from the comfort of their home using a computer or smartphone, the kiosk provides a straightforward, user-friendly option that eliminates the need for scanning documents—a boon for those sharing a phone or lacking scanning capabilities.

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The convenience offered by these kiosks is matched by their efficiency; most claimants can complete the identity verification in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, the presence of trained personnel at each kiosk location ensures that users can receive guidance through the process, easing any concerns and simplifying what can often seem like an overwhelming procedure.

This initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of those seeking unemployment benefits but also signals a broader shift towards leveraging technology to enhance governmental services. By prioritizing accessibility and user experience, Pennsylvania sets an example for how states can adapt to the digital age without leaving any citizen behind.

With the rollout of the kiosks, Pennsylvania takes a significant step towards ensuring that the process of applying for UC benefits is as seamless and inclusive as possible, reflecting the state’s commitment to supporting its residents through challenging times.

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