Pennsylvania Boosts Local Governments with Over $1.6 Million in New Funding for Essential Services

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

HARRISBURG, PA — The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) has announced a substantial injection of funds into the Municipal Assistance Program (MAP). Secretary Rick Siger revealed that $1,688,659 will be distributed among 36 projects spanning 23 counties to enhance a variety of essential services, from emergency response enhancements to regional planning efforts.

This funding boost marks a significant commitment by Governor Shapiro’s administration to support local governments in their efforts to plan and implement services that are crucial for public welfare and community development. The near tripling of MAP funding underlines a strategic approach to fostering more efficient, collaborative, and forward-thinking local government operations.

The MAP initiative focuses on shared-service activities, including the consolidation or merging of services, shared personnel arrangements, high-impact projects serving multiple municipalities, and boundary change efforts. These projects are designed to promote efficient use of resources, improve service delivery, and encourage regional cooperation among local governments.

Among the noteworthy projects receiving funding is the Eastern Regional Mon Valley Police Department in Allegheny County, which has been awarded $120,000. This funding will support employee salaries, information technology upgrades, staff training, and community relations activities, thereby enhancing public safety and police effectiveness in the region.

In Lackawanna County, $75,000 will facilitate the North Pocono Regional Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Update, a collaborative regional planning project involving eight municipalities. This initiative aims to coordinate development efforts and zoning regulations across multiple jurisdictions, promoting cohesive community growth and sustainable land use planning.

Lancaster City’s East End Small Area Plan receives $122,500 towards redeveloping the area surrounding the soon-to-be-vacated Lancaster County Prison, with a focus on addressing the critical need for affordable housing. This project represents a unique opportunity for meaningful urban infill and revitalization in a key part of the city.

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Monroe County’s comprehensive plan update, supported by a $75,000 grant, will engage a professional planning consultant to facilitate widespread community input through public meetings and surveys, laying the groundwork for informed and inclusive county-wide development strategies.

Venango County’s allocation of $25,000 will advance the Community Heart and Soul process, aiming to create a Community Action Plan through extensive local engagement. This initiative exemplifies the program’s emphasis on community-driven planning and project implementation.

Lastly, Lower Windsor Township in York County will utilize $57,589 for essential upgrades to security systems, patrol vehicle technology, and safety equipment, bolstering public safety infrastructure across police and fire departments.

The MAP funding not only represents a tangible commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Pennsylvania communities but also signals a broader strategy to encourage local governments to innovate and collaborate. By facilitating these diverse projects, the state is laying a foundation for more resilient, connected, and sustainable communities, ready to meet current challenges and future opportunities.

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