Pennsylvania Blooms with New Economic Development Strategy, with Agriculture Holding a Pivotal Role

Reykjavik Creamery in NewvilleCredit: Commonwealth Media Services

NEWVILLE, PA — Pioneering a new path for the Keystone State’s resurgence, Governor Josh Shapiro and Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary, Rick Siger, recently unveiled the first Pennsylvania Economic Development strategy in two decades. This ambitious strategy puts agriculture center stage, acknowledging its crucial role in the state’s economic fabric and future growth.

During a recent visit to the high-tech food manufacturer Reykjavik Creamery in Newville, Siger and Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding demonstrated the synergy between innovative manufacturing processes and the state’s robust agricultural sector, which contributes an impressive $132.5 billion annually to Pennsylvania’s economy.

“Agriculture has been, and will continue to be, a crucial component of Pennsylvania’s economy,” said Secretary Siger. Evidently, this new development strategy has a vision beyond the immediate horizon; it aims to ensure the agricultural sector’s sustained viability.

The strategy embraces Pennsylvania’s economic strengths, with plans to invigorate sectors such as Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Robotics and Technology. It particularly highlights the state’s leadership in agricultural products, including dairy, fruit, livestock, poultry, and forest goods.

Secretary Redding reflected on this interconnected approach, emphasizing that “agriculture drives innovation in each of those sectors.” The inherent symbiosis across industries, according to him, will be the key to success in Pennsylvania’s next decade.

Reykjavik Creamery, an example of the rising AgTech wave, offers a glimpse into this future. The company, which specializes in premium cultured artisan dairy products, including Icelandic-style yogurt, signifies the dynamic interface between traditional agriculture and innovative modern technology.

The new economic strategy also garnered commendations from Gunnar Birgisson, the CEO of Reykjavik Creamery, and Hayley Painter, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, co-founder of Painterland Sisters, and a local yogurt brand mogul.

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In a significant move, Governor Shapiro’s strategic plan incorporates AgTech, which will assist farmers in maximizing yields while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impacts. Recognizing the importance of this fusion, Governor Shapiro intends to propose a $10 million investment for the Agricultural Innovation Program in his 2024-25 budget address.

The new economic blueprint underscores five primary goals centering on economic growth, business innovation, broadened opportunities for Pennsylvanians, fostering entrepreneurship, and developing vibrant and resilient regions.

As the plan takes shape, Pennsylvanians will witness the dawn of a new era, defined by collaboration between traditional sectors and technological innovation, strengthening Pennsylvania’s position as a leader in the national economic landscape.

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