Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Re-elects Leadership Amid Resurgence of Labor Movement

Ferritto, Cobb Re-elected to Lead Pennsylvania AFL-CIOSubmitted Image

HERSHEY, PA — Angela Ferritto has been re-elected as president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, alongside her running mate Maurice Cobb, who retains his position as secretary-treasurer. Their re-election took place during the 46th Constitutional Convention of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, where their candidacies stood unopposed, signaling strong support from within the federation.

Following the election, both leaders were sworn in by Liz Shuler, the national President of the AFL-CIO, marking the start of another term at a time when labor unions are witnessing a powerful resurgence across the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania. Ferritto and Cobb’s leadership comes at a pivotal moment for the labor movement, characterized by increased organizing drives, strikes, and a growing assertion of labor rights and power.

Angela Ferritto expressed her gratitude and readiness to spearhead this critical phase. “I am honored and humbled to be re-elected by my labor brothers and sisters – and energized by the opportunity to lead the next chapter of the labor movement in Pennsylvania,” she stated. Her vision includes leveraging the current momentum to support political candidates who prioritize the interests of working people throughout the commonwealth.

Maurice Cobb shared a similar sentiment of humility and determination. “It is an exciting time for the labor movement, and I am humbled by the confidence everyone has shown in me,” Cobb remarked, emphasizing his commitment to fighting for the union family in Pennsylvania.

The significance of this moment in history for labor cannot be overstated. With the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO representing 700,000 workers across various sectors, the federation’s leadership is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of work, advocating for fair labor practices, and ensuring the well-being of its members. This era of revitalization within the labor movement represents not only a fight for better wages and working conditions but also a broader struggle for social justice and equity in the workplace.

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Ferritto’s background as a union organizer and her involvement with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) underscore her deep-rooted commitment to labor advocacy. Similarly, Cobb’s experience as a fourth-generation steelworker and his active participation in the United Steelworkers highlight the continuity of labor’s legacy in Pennsylvania’s industrial heartland.

Their leadership comes at a time when labor’s role in the political landscape is increasingly crucial. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s intent to elect leaders who will fight for the betterment of its members underscores the strategic importance of unions in championing worker-friendly policies and legislation.

With labor movements gaining traction and the spotlight on unions brighter than it has been in a generation, the re-elected leaders of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO stand at the forefront of significant change. Their experience, coupled with the federation’s broad representation across 67 counties, positions them uniquely to harness this momentum for substantial progress in labor rights and worker protections in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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