Lucky Pennsylvanians Strike Gold: Over $3 Million in Lottery Prizes Awarded!

A pile of moneyPhoto by Malik Cil on

MIDDLETOWN, PA — The Pennsylvania Lottery has once again turned the ordinary into the extraordinary for two lucky ticket holders. In what has been a week of wins, a staggering $2,408,704 jackpot from the Pennsylvania Progressive Fast Play game was claimed by a fortunate individual. This remarkable prize, the second-largest in the game’s history, found its home with a ticket sold in Delaware County on Wednesday, May 15, at Puff Gallery on West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne.

The Pennsylvania Progressive, a captivating $30 Fast Play game, starts its top prizes at an impressive $500,000, escalating the excitement and anticipation among players. Unique to Fast Play games, tickets are printed on-demand, eliminating the suspenseful wait of a drawing and the mess of a Scratch-Off. Winners can swiftly discover their fortune by scanning their ticket at any Lottery retailer or using the handy Ticket Checker feature on the Lottery’s official app.

But the winning doesn’t stop there! Another stroke of luck hit Montgomery County where a $1 million top prize from the Million Dollar Multiplier Madness Scratch-Off was secured. The winning ticket made its way into the hands of a lucky player thanks to Wawa at 1111 Grosser Road, Gilbertsville, further highlighting the joy and surprise that comes with playing the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The Million Dollar Multiplier Madness offers players a shot at life-changing prizes for just $20, featuring top prizes of $1 million. It’s a reminder of the dreams that can be realized through the simple purchase of a lottery ticket.

Both winning retailers have received generous bonuses for selling the lucky tickets, with Puff Gallery awarded $10,000 and Wawa receiving $5,000, showcasing the Lottery’s appreciation and support for its network of retailers across the state.

For those holding these golden tickets, the Pennsylvania Lottery advises to immediately sign the back of the ticket and get in touch with the Lottery at 1-800-692-7481 to claim their prizes. With excitement buzzing through Pennsylvania, these wins highlight the endless possibilities that come with the draw of the Lottery. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play, so why not try your luck today? Who knows, the next big winner could be you!

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