Dave McCormick Criticizes Biden’s Border Policies in Senate Campaign Statement

illegal immigrationImage by S. Hermann & F. Richter

PITTSBURGH, PADave McCormick, candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, issued a sharp critique of President Joe Biden’s recent executive order on border control. McCormick’s statement came on the heels of Biden’s announcement of new measures aimed at addressing the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“If Joe Biden were serious about securing our border, he wouldn’t have eliminated the Trump policies — which were working — on his first day in office,” McCormick said. He criticized Biden’s approach, claiming it has led to “open borders” and numerous problems for Pennsylvanians.

McCormick outlined several issues he believes stem from Biden’s border policies, including the influx of fentanyl, known terrorists entering communities, increased taxpayer expenses, and widespread human exploitation. He also targeted Senator Bob Casey, accusing him of supporting these policies throughout his tenure.

“Career politician Bob Casey has voted: against the border wall, for mass amnesty, for sanctuary cities, against money to detect the fentanyl that’s killing Pennsylvanians, and against deporting criminal illegals,” McCormick asserted. “Pennsylvanians deserve a Senator who will secure our border and keep them safe.”

President Biden’s executive actions, announced Tuesday, include halting asylum requests at the U.S.-Mexico border once daily encounters average 2,500 over a week. Asylum requests would resume when the average declines to 1,500.

The border issue has long been a contentious topic in American politics. McCormick’s statement reflects broader debates about immigration policy, national security, and public health. He argues that Biden’s policies have made the border less secure and put American lives at risk.

Bob Casey, who has served in Washington for 18 years, has consistently supported what McCormick describes as “open borders.” Casey has voted against several key measures that McCormick supports, including funds for opioid and narcotic detection, Kate’s Law, and withholding federal funding from sanctuary cities.

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Casey’s stance on border security has drawn significant attention. In the past, he opposed $800 million in Senate funds for detecting opioids and narcotics, voted against mandatory minimums for deported felons under Kate’s Law, and resisted measures to stop illegal immigrants from being counted in the Census. He also opposed Trump’s executive order to crack down on sanctuary cities.

McCormick’s recent visit to the southern border aimed to highlight his commitment to making border security a central issue in his campaign. By drawing a direct line between Biden’s policies, and the challenges facing Pennsylvania, he aims to appeal to voters concerned about immigration and its local impacts.

The Border Battle: McCormick’s Mission for Secure Borders

The handling of the border crisis affects national security, public health, and economic stability. McCormick’s emphasis on fentanyl highlights the ongoing opioid epidemic, which has devastated many communities across Pennsylvania. His call for tighter border controls also addresses concerns about crime and terrorism.

As McCormick pushes for change, he hopes to rally voters behind his vision of a more secure and orderly immigration system. His campaign is banking on the belief that Pennsylvanians want stronger enforcement and accountability from their elected officials.

In summary, Dave McCormick’s critique of Biden’s border policies and Bob Casey’s voting record reflects a broader push for stricter immigration controls. With border security emerging as a pivotal issue in his Senate campaign, McCormick seeks to position himself as the candidate best equipped to protect Pennsylvanians and restore order at the nation’s borders.

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