Big Wins in Pennsylvania: Lottery Tickets Make Millionaires Across the State

Pennsylvania LotteryCredit: Commonwealth Media Services

MIDDLETOWN, PA — The Pennsylvania Lottery recently announced multiple million-dollar wins across the state, bringing excitement and life-changing prizes to lucky players.

In Montgomery County, Ace Tobacco Town Inc., located at 419 West Cheltenham Avenue in Elkins Park, sold a $3 million-winning ticket for the $3,000,000 Fun Fortune Scratch-Off game. The retailer will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. This $30 game offers top prizes of $3 million, making it one of the most lucrative Scratch-Off options available.

In Fayette County, a player won $1 million with an Instant $1,000,000 Jackpot Scratch-Off ticket purchased at Walmart, 355 Walmart Drive, Uniontown. The store will get a $5,000 bonus for this sale. The $20 game offers a top prize of $1 million, providing substantial winnings for its players.

Another notable win came from Lackawanna County, where a top prize was awarded in THE GAME OF LIFE™. The winning ticket was sold at Carbondale Mini Mart, 92 Brooklyn St., Carbondale. This game, priced at $10, offers a unique payout option—either $1,000 a week for life or a cash option of $1.04 million. The retailer will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling this ticket.

Additionally, an online player from Pike County won $1,003,068 on the MONOPOLY Property Payout game. This online game allows players to reveal dice symbols, play the MONOPOLY game, win instant cash prizes, multiply their winnings, and activate additional bonus games. The convenience of playing on a computer, tablet, or mobile device adds to its appeal.

The Exciting World of Pennsylvania Lottery Prizes

These wins highlight the potential for life-changing prizes through the Pennsylvania Lottery’s varied offerings. For players, these games are not just about the possibility of winning money; they represent hopes and dreams being realized. The significant bonuses awarded to retailers for selling winning tickets also emphasize the economic impact of the Lottery on local businesses.

The importance of these events extends beyond individual winnings. They showcase a system designed to generate excitement and provide substantial financial benefits while supporting retailers and contributing to community well-being. Lottery funds often support state programs, adding an element of public good to personal fortune.

For anyone holding a winning ticket, it is crucial to understand that Scratch-Off prizes expire one year from the game’s end-sale date. Winners should immediately sign the back of their ticket and contact the Lottery at 1-800-692-7481 to claim their prize.

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