Oxford’s Brittany Jones Wins Prestigious PCRA Scholarship, Paving the Way for a Career in Court Reporting

Brittany Jones selected for PCRA scholarshipSubmitted Image

HARRISBURG, PA — In what marks a significant achievement for an Oxford, Chester County resident, Brittany Jones has been awarded a scholarship by the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association (PCRA), shining a spotlight on her dedication and potential within the field of court reporting. Jones, who embarked on this career path after discovering Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) service, is one of two students statewide to receive this honor.

With a bachelor’s degree in English obtained in 2010, Jones initially ventured into sales and marketing positions. It wasn’t until she learned about CART from a Plaza College graduate that she decided to pivot towards a career in court reporting. After completing Plaza’s A to Z Intro to Steno course—a free program designed to introduce the stenotype machine to aspiring court reporters—Jones enrolled in Plaza College with aspirations to serve within the court system upon graduation.

Jones’s journey into court reporting underscores a broader trend toward remote learning, which has dramatically expanded access to this specialized training. Thanks to advances in technology, students from more than a dozen states can now pursue degrees in court reporting without having to attend in-person classes. “Even with remote classes, I love the class structure, and there is a great deal of support from students and faculty alike,” Jones said, reflecting on her educational experience.

Court reporters play a pivotal role in the legal system. Their work goes beyond simply transcribing words spoken in court; they ensure that an accurate and complete record of proceedings is maintained. This record is vital for jury deliberations, appeals, and the overall integrity of the judicial process. With a requirement to capture speech at 225 words per minute with 95 percent accuracy, the skill set of a court reporter is both unique and highly sought after.

Beyond their traditional role in the courtroom, court reporters also provide essential services for individuals with hearing and cognitive impairments. Through CART services, stenographers deliver real-time captions for live events, online courses, meetings, and educational settings, thereby fostering inclusivity and equal access to information. The importance of these services is increasingly recognized, as seen in their use in governmental settings, including the halls of Congress, highlighting the profession’s evolving role in ensuring accessibility.

The PCRA’s recognition of Jones with the 2024 scholarship not only celebrates her commitment and proficiency but also highlights the importance of court reporting professionals in today’s society. Karen Santucci, chair of the Court Reporting Department at Plaza College, praised Jones’s achievement, stating, “This honor is a true testament to Brittany’s skill and dedication to the court reporting profession.”

Jones, along with her fellow scholarship recipients, was honored at the 2024 PCRA Convention, where her accomplishments were officially acknowledged. In addition to the $500 scholarship, she was awarded a complimentary PCRA membership for 2025, providing her with further opportunities to engage with and contribute to the court reporting community.

Brittany Jones’s success story from Oxford to the courtroom exemplifies the growing appeal of court reporting as a profession that combines technical skill with essential public service, offering a promising career path for those committed to pursuing it.

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