USDA Invests $74 Million in Wood Products Innovation to Boost Economy and Forest Health

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YAKIMA, WA — Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Xochitl Torres Small recently announced a significant new investment from the Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service aimed at sparking innovation in the wood products industry. Nearly $74 million is being allocated to create new markets for wood products and renewable wood energy, as well as to enhance the capacity of wood processing facilities. This initiative is part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda.

These investments are made possible through the bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest climate investment in history. The funds will support 171 project proposals across 41 states and American Samoa, directly benefiting forest health and the wood products economy.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to supporting innovation in the wood products and wood energy economies, which are at the heart of so many small towns, especially in Tribal and rural communities,” said Deputy Secretary Torres Small. “These investments will support good-paying jobs for families and communities. It will increase the economy’s capacity to manufacture wood products. In turn, sustainably sourcing the wood used to manufacture these products will make our forests healthier and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires.”

Fueling Growth in the Wood Products Industry

This initiative has several important implications. First, it highlights the role of sustainably sourced wood in promoting forest health. Removing dead trees and excess vegetation not only provides raw materials for the wood products industry but also reduces wildfire risks. Healthier forests mean fewer catastrophic wildfires, which have devastating effects on communities and ecosystems.

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Additionally, the investment underscores the economic potential of the wood products industry, particularly in rural and Tribal communities. By supporting innovation, these grants aim to create good-paying jobs and stimulate local economies. The new markets for wood products and renewable wood energy promise to revitalize these areas and make them more resilient.

The Forest Service is awarding grants through three key programs: the Wood Innovations Grant, Community Wood Grant, and Wood Products Infrastructure Assistance Grant Programs. These grants will fund projects that increase demand for sustainably sourced wood and explore innovative uses. Examples include converting heating systems in schools to sustainable biomass boilers, installing advanced equipment in sawmills to boost efficiency, and supporting innovative housing solutions using mass timber.

One notable aspect of this initiative is its holistic approach to sustainability. By integrating economic development with environmental stewardship, the USDA aims to create a virtuous cycle where healthy forests support strong economies, and vice versa. This approach not only addresses immediate concerns like wildfire risk but also fosters long-term resilience against climate change.

Moreover, the focus on innovation means that the wood products industry can evolve and adapt to modern demands. New technologies and processes can make wood products more competitive and sustainable. For example, mass timber construction offers a promising alternative to traditional building materials, providing both environmental and economic benefits.

In conclusion, the USDA’s $74 million investment in the wood products industry marks a pivotal step in promoting sustainability and economic growth. By fostering innovation and supporting rural and Tribal communities, this initiative aims to create a robust, sustainable wood products economy. The dual focus on forest health and economic development ensures that these efforts will have far-reaching positive impacts, creating a stronger, more resilient future for both forests and communities.

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