NextGen America Criticizes Proposed Immigration Policy, Calls for Humane Approach

Immigration© grandriver from Getty Images Signature / Canva

NextGen America, a political action committee focused on engaging young voters, has issued a strong critique of the new immigration policy proposed by the White House. The organization’s leaders argue that the policy is an appeasement to extremist Republicans and a disregard for immigrants’ rights.

Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, President of NextGen America, expressed deep concerns over the proposed changes, which would empower border authorities to expel migrants without asylum screenings and expand immigration detention and deportations.

“This proposal is a response to extremist Republicans so hell-bent on enacting an inhumane border policy they’re willing to jeopardize our national security,” said Ramirez. “Democrats must reject efforts to pass anti-asylum and anti-immigrant policy changes. Immigrants are not political pawns who can be used to fund war.”

Ramirez further cautioned that the White House’s support for such policies is alarming, particularly given the strong support among young voters for a humane immigration process and a clear pathway to citizenship. She emphasized that NextGen America stands firmly for policies that protect immigrants and their families and respect their rights.

Antonio Arellano, NextGen America’s Vice President of Communications and former DACA recipient, shared his personal perspective on the issue. He criticized the Biden Administration’s latest immigration deal for treating immigrants and their rights as political bargaining chips.

“Adding billions of taxpayer dollars for immigrant detention and border militarization would have devastating consequences,” Arellano warned. “Young people across the country are deeply disappointed by this proposal and are encouraging the Administration to change course.”

Arellano reminded Democratic leaders of the political implications of their decisions, with 41 million new Gen Z members set to become eligible voters in 2024. He stressed that these young, diverse voters demand a just immigration system and permanent pathway to citizenship that aligns with the values America aspires to achieve.

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