New Initiative to Boost Democratic State Legislative Candidates in Battleground States

NDRC and The States Project

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Wednesday, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) and The States Project announced a new multi-million dollar initiative. This joint effort aims to support Democratic state legislative candidates in five key battleground states: Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The initiative plans to fund robust, data-driven electoral programs aimed at bolstering pro-democracy candidates. This collaboration builds on the success of their partnership in 2022, which saw Democrats making historic gains in state legislatures. Notably, Democrats achieved trifecta control in Michigan and Minnesota and gained the House majority in Pennsylvania.

As the 2024 elections approach, Democrats see opportunities to compete for legislative majorities in Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Arizona as well. The stakes are high, with these elections determining the direction of democracy in the states.

“This year’s state legislative elections will determine whether states turn toward democracy or autocracy. The stakes could not be higher for millions of Americans,” said Eric H. Holder, Jr., former Attorney General and Chairman of NDRC. “We are seeing gerrymandered Republican legislative majorities pursue anti-democracy agendas. In contrast, where Democrats hold power, they have enacted measures ensuring electoral fairness and protecting fundamental rights.”

Holder cited examples of Republican-led legislatures passing strict abortion bans and voter suppression bills reminiscent of Jim Crow laws. He contrasted this with Democratic legislatures’ efforts to ensure fair elections and protect individual freedoms.

Daniel Squadron, Executive Director of The States Project, echoed Holder’s sentiments. “Nothing has more impact than working in state legislatures to achieve the American promise,” he said. “This partnership will help build pro-democracy governing majorities that will improve lives in states across the country.”

The Impact of State Legislatures on American Politics

The importance of state legislatures cannot be overstated. These bodies have significant influence over key issues such as voting rights, reproductive health, and education. By investing in state legislative races, the NDRC and The States Project aim to create lasting change that aligns with the majority’s will.

This initiative has broader implications for the future of American politics. With state legislatures playing a critical role in redistricting, the outcome of these races could shape political landscapes for decades. Fair maps and equitable representation hinge on who controls these legislative bodies.

Moreover, the push for pro-democracy candidates reflects a broader struggle to maintain democratic norms and institutions. As various states grapple with contentious issues, the legislators elected in these battleground states could set precedents for the rest of the country.

In summary, the new initiative by the NDRC and The States Project aims to secure Democratic majorities in key state legislatures. This effort underscores the vital role of state governments in shaping national policies and protecting democratic principles. With the stakes high and the potential impact vast, this collaboration seeks to drive significant political change in the upcoming elections.

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