TELA Bio Launches Innovative Hernia Repair Device in the U.S. Market


MALVERN, PA — TELA Bio, Inc. (NASDAQ: TELA), a leading innovator in the medical device sector, announced this week the U.S. launch of its latest product, OviTex IHR (Inguinal Hernia Repair) Reinforced Tissue Matrix. This new device is tailored for laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgeries to repair inguinal hernias, offering surgeons an advanced tool designed to improve patient outcomes.

OviTex IHR comes in three configurations to accommodate the diverse needs of patients and the surgical techniques employed by healthcare professionals. Whether opting for a three- or four-layer anatomically shaped device or a three-layer rectangular device, surgeons are provided with trocar-compatible options that facilitate ease of use during minimally invasive procedures.

Building upon the success of the existing OviTex portfolio, the OviTex IHR incorporates layers of ovine (sheep) rumen tissue, interlaced with a minimal amount of polymer suture for enhanced durability while aiming to reduce the long-term presence of synthetic materials within the body. The OviTex line has been clinically proven over eight years, with more than 45,000 implantations and 35 published or presented works that underscore its effectiveness in hernia repairs.

A pivotal study led by Dr. Paul Szotek, Medical Director of the Indiana Hernia Center, highlighted the device’s potential. The retrospective study analyzed 259 patients who underwent robotic inguinal hernia TAPP repair using OviTex and reported a low recurrence rate of 1.2% after an average follow-up of 1.5 years. Dr. Szotek remarked on the consistent clinical value OviTex has delivered since 2018, particularly noting the low recurrence rates and high patient satisfaction levels.

Antony Koblish, President and CEO of TELA Bio, emphasized the significance of OviTex IHR’s launch, noting the historical reliance on permanent synthetic mesh for inguinal hernia repairs and the lack of alternatives that adequately address the limitations of such materials. “With the introduction of OviTex IHR, we are addressing this need and providing surgeons with advanced, economically effective soft-tissue reconstruction solutions that leverage the patient’s natural healing response,” said Koblish.

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The introduction of OviTex IHR represents a significant advancement in the field of hernia repair, offering a promising alternative to traditional synthetic meshes. It underscores TELA Bio’s commitment to innovation and its goal of improving surgical outcomes through the development of products that align with the body’s natural healing processes. As the medical community continues to seek better solutions for hernia repairs, OviTex IHR could play a crucial role in setting new standards for patient care and recovery in this domain.

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