HMP Global Launches Groundbreaking Training Lab to Revolutionize Peripheral Vascular Disease Care

HMP Global

MALVERN, PA — As the global health community grapples with the escalating impact of peripheral vascular disease (PVD), HMP Global has unveiled a novel initiative aimed at transforming how medical professionals address this growing challenge. The Pennsylvania-based healthcare events and education company is launching the Peripheral Vascular Trainee Lab (PVTL), an immersive, hands-on training program designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among medical fellows and residents.

Scheduled for October 12-13 in Chicago, the PVTL is the brainchild of Dr. Kumar Madassery, associate professor of vascular and interventional radiology at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Madassery, along with a team of multidisciplinary experts in interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, and vascular surgery, will guide participants through a series of case-based presentations, workshops, and panel sessions.

“This event has been designed with one purpose: to encourage collaborative education and foster camaraderie among historically isolated specialties, which can make a bigger impact on patients,” said Madassery. He emphasized that trainee-focused education can bring about comprehensive changes to the current PVD landscape, benefiting future patient outcomes.

Sessions at the PVTL will cover a range of venous and arterial topics, from aortoiliac and femoropopliteal interventions to below-the-knee (BTK) and below-the-ankle (BTA) interventions. Participants will also explore acute and chronic deep vein thrombosis (DVT) algorithms in interactive workshops featuring simulators and cadaver labs.

The lab is not just about technical knowledge; it also provides a platform for networking with expert presenters, industry supporters, and fellow trainees. It emphasizes the value of team-based patient care and encourages trainees to view their roles within a broader healthcare context.

“PVTL provides a hands-on experience where trainees can expand their horizons while recognizing the interconnected nature of healthcare disciplines,” Madassery added.

To ensure the widest possible participation, HMP Global is offering limited scholarships covering tuition and travel for fellows and residents pursuing careers in interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, and vascular surgery.

The PVTL represents a significant step towards reimagining PVD care. By equipping the next generation of cardiovascular leaders with advanced, interdisciplinary training, HMP Global aims to catalyze a sea change in the battle against one of the world’s leading causes of death.

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