Senator Casey’s Bill to Bolster Rural Pennsylvania Included in New Farm Package

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has successfully championed the inclusion of his legislation aimed at enhancing economic opportunities in rural areas of Pennsylvania into a broader farm package, as announced by the U.S. Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee. The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act, a bipartisan initiative first introduced in November 2023, seeks to directly address critical needs within rural communities, including affordable childcare, housing, and job training.

This legislative effort signifies a major step forward in ensuring that rural Pennsylvanians have the resources and support necessary to thrive. By facilitating access to federal funding opportunities and private investments, the act promises to catalyze growth and prosperity in areas often overlooked by broader economic development strategies. Additionally, Casey’s bill intends to streamline supportive services offered by the federal government, simplifying processes for rural communities to benefit more effectively from available assistance.

Senator Casey highlighted his long-standing commitment to Pennsylvania’s agricultural and rural sectors, stating, “I fought to include this in the farm bill because uplifting our rural communities is good for all of Pennsylvania.” His dedication reflects a broader understanding of the interconnectedness of rural prosperity and statewide economic health.

Beyond economic opportunities, the farm bill package contains several measures introduced by Casey to combat food insecurity, a pressing issue that affects communities nationwide. Among these, the Senior Hunger Prevention Act and the Senior Nutrition Task Force Act aim to establish programs targeting hunger among seniors, a demographic particularly vulnerable to food scarcity. Other initiatives like the Farmers Feeding America Act, Farm to Food Bank Reauthorization Act, and Healthy Food Financing Initiative Reauthorization Act are designed to improve food access in underserved communities, highlighting a comprehensive approach to tackling food insecurity from multiple angles.

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