Rep. Houlahan Rejects Partisan Appropriations Acts, Citing National Security Concerns

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a decisive move, Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) voted against three appropriations acts for the fiscal year 2025, expressing her concerns that the legislation compromises both American values and national defense. The rejected bills encompass the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State and Foreign Operations, and the Department of Defense.

A Veteran’s Standpoint on Defense and Security

Houlahan, with her background as an Air Force veteran and roles on both the House Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, emphasized her commitment to safeguarding the nation. She critiqued the bills for their lack of seriousness and potential harm to the American public and the country’s defense posture. “These appropriations bills…do more harm than good for the American people and for our collective defense,” Houlahan stated, highlighting the gravity of her objections.

Key Issues at Stake

The legislator pinpointed several contentious elements within the bills:

  • Ukraine Aid: The FY25 Defense Appropriations Act notably omits support for Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict with Russia, a move Houlahan deems detrimental to global security dynamics.
  • Reproductive Rights: Restrictions on reproductive healthcare access for Department of Defense personnel, particularly those requiring travel for such services, drew strong criticism from Houlahan.
  • LGBTQ+ Rights: Provisions within the same act were identified as harmful to LGBTQ+ service members, further fueling the congresswoman’s opposition.
  • Environmental and Humanitarian Funding: Dramatic cuts to programs essential for climate change initiatives and international humanitarian efforts, including the UN and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), underscored her stance against the legislation.
  • Border Security and Immigration: Houlahan also highlighted reductions in funding crucial for managing the immigration system effectively, including addressing the backlog of applications and supporting refugee operations. Additionally, she criticized measures that she believes would undermine the Customs and Border Patrol’s ability to secure U.S. borders and handle humanitarian processes.
Houlahan Urges Senate for Bipartisan Appropriations Bills

Expressing a desire to see bipartisan collaboration, Houlahan called for Senate intervention to produce appropriations bills that reflect a balanced approach to governance, emphasizing aid, liberty, environmental stewardship, and robust security measures. “I look forward to the Senate putting forward their own appropriations bills so we can send a more thoughtful and bipartisan slate of bills to the President’s desk,” she concluded.

Houlahan’s rejection of these appropriations bills reflects broader debates over how America balances its defense needs with commitments to human rights, environmental protection, and international cooperation. With significant implications for everything from global geopolitics to individual rights within the military, the outcome of these legislative battles will shape the nation’s policy directions for years to come.

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