Pennsylvania Senators Applaud Supreme Court’s Support of PennDOT in Wage Theft Case

PA Supreme CourtImage via Pennsylvania Senate Democrats

PENNSYLVANIA — Members of the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus issued a joint statement Thursday in response to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent ruling T, which affirmed the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) authority to enforce the Prevailing Wage Act and disqualify G.O. Hawbaker Inc. from state roadwork contracts.

The statement was released by Senators Vincent Hughes, John Kane, Christine Tartaglione, and Lindsey Williams, who are sponsors of Senate Bill 987. This proposed legislation is aimed at requiring employers to inform their workers about the unlawful act of wage theft and providing protection for those who report such incidents from retaliation.

The senators expressed their approval of the Supreme Court’s decision to hold G.O. Hawbaker accountable for wage theft. They lauded PennDOT’s efforts to bar the company from participating in future state projects.

The senators stated, “When our commonwealth goes into business with private organizations, Pennsylvanians deserve to know companies we contract with are the best of the best and operate themselves completely above board.”

They further condemned wage theft as both morally and financially repugnant, emphasizing that companies found guilty of such practices should be held to higher standards and not allowed to return to business as usual.

The statement also noted that G.O. Hawbaker was ordered to compensate its employees fully—an action they believe should be enforced in all similar cases.

According to the senators, workers deserve the support and protections affirmed by both the PA Supreme Court and PennDOT. They also asserted that the advancement of Senate Bill 987 and other proposals like Senate Bills 46, 47, and 577—designed to combat wage theft—would significantly benefit Pennsylvania’s workers.

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The senators concluded their statement with a strong message to all companies, hoping they recognize their unwavering dedication to workers and the wages they rightly deserve. The statement serves as a stern warning to corporations, emphasizing the importance of fair wages and the consequences of wage theft.

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