ICYMI: Governor Shapiro Signs a Suite of Legislative Measures into Law, Addressing a Broad Spectrum of Pennsylvania’s Needs

Governor Josh ShapiroCredit: Commonwealth Media Services

HARRISBURG, PA — In case you missed it, Governor Josh Shapiro recently signed six bills into law, marking a comprehensive effort to refine and enhance various sectors across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. From professional licensing to combating human trafficking, these newly enacted laws aim to bring about substantive changes in the state’s legal and regulatory landscape.

House Bill 1295 updates the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes related to professions and occupations that require state licensing, specifically focusing on the role and responsibilities of hearing examiners. This change, now known as Act No. 5 of 2024, is designed to streamline administrative procedures and ensure fairer, more efficient handling of licensing hearings.

House Bill 1795 revises The Clinical Laboratory Act, refining definitions and exemptions within the legislation. By becoming Act No. 6 of 2024, this amendment aims to address the evolving needs of clinical laboratories, ensuring that their operations remain on the cutting edge of medical science and patient care.

Senate Bill 45 enhances the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Notification Act by expanding victim services. This law, Act No. 7 of 2024, underscores Pennsylvania’s commitment to fighting human trafficking and providing comprehensive support to survivors, including access to essential services and resources.

Senate Bill 55 makes significant amendments to child custody laws, updating factors considered in custody awards and procedures for involving guardians ad litem and legal counsel for children. Additionally, it establishes a training program on child abuse and domestic abuse for judges and court personnel. As Act No. 8 of 2024, it reflects a holistic approach to child welfare and judicial education.

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Senate Bill 115 updates the Bituminous Coal Mine Safety Act, specifically targeting the maintenance schedules for diesel-powered equipment. With its enactment as Act No. 9 of 2024, the law aims to enhance safety standards in coal mining operations, reflecting an ongoing commitment to worker protection.

Senate Bill 740 amends The Second Class Township Code concerning auditor compensation, becoming Act No. 10 of 2024. This adjustment seeks to modernize financial oversight and compensation structures within these townships, ensuring that governance remains both fair and effective.

Governor Shapiro’s legislative actions aim to address a broad spectrum of policy enhancements seeking to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians across the state. From bolstering public safety and health to ensuring the integrity of professional and municipal governance, these laws are poised to make significant impacts in their respective fields.

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