Zeolyst International Unveils New Technology for Advanced Plastic Recycling

Zeolyst International

MALVERN, PA — Zeolyst International, a joint venture of Ecovyst Inc. (NYSE: ECVT), has successfully launched its new laboratory-scale thermal pyrolysis reactor and state-of-the-art analytical equipment for advanced recycling of plastic waste. This development marks a significant step in the company’s efforts to enhance plastic recycling technologies.

In November 2023, Ecovyst announced the introduction of Zeolyst’s Opal Infinity™ zeolite products during its investor day. The new thermal pyrolysis reactor replicates advanced plastic recycling processes, enabling Zeolyst to refine and optimize zeolite-based materials. This aims to improve the efficiency and efficacy of plastic recycling.

The investment is located at Ecovyst’s technical center in Conshohocken, PA. The facility employs about 45 scientists and technicians who specialize in developing advanced materials and catalysts using zeolites and silicas. The site features laboratories, pilot demonstration units, and polymerization testing equipment for Ecovyst’s AlphaPol™ polyethylene catalysts.

“With growing consumer demand for plastics, addressing plastic pollution is crucial for a healthier planet,” said Kurt Bitting, Chief Executive Officer of Ecovyst. “Zeolyst International has been at the forefront of innovation for over 35 years. Advanced recycling technologies play a pivotal role in solving this challenge and contribute to a sustainable future. This new investment reinforces Zeolyst’s commitment to plastic circularity and is a key enabler for the continued development of the Opal Infinity™ zeolite product portfolio.”

Lucy Innes, General Manager of Zeolyst International, added, “We work closely with customers to develop new zeolite-based materials and catalysts, moving from lab to pilot to full-scale production. Quality, value, and speed are our key focus. Advancements are needed to improve the cost-effectiveness of plastic recycling, and we are in a unique position to develop solutions with our customers. Our Opal Infinity™ zeolites enhance the efficiency of thermal processes and can fine-tune product distributions in downstream processes, creating significant value for plastic waste processors.”

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Tackling Plastic Pollution: Zeolyst’s Breakthrough Recycling Innovation

Addressing plastic pollution is more critical than ever as consumer demand for plastics continues to rise. Traditional recycling methods often fall short in handling the volume and variety of plastic waste generated globally. Advanced recycling technologies, such as those developed by Zeolyst, offer promising solutions to this persistent problem.

Zeolyst’s new thermal pyrolysis reactor represents a significant advancement in plastic recycling. By mimicking real-world recycling processes at a laboratory scale, Zeolyst can experiment with and optimize zeolite-based materials that improve the breakdown and reformation of plastics. This leads to more efficient recycling operations, reducing waste and resource consumption.

For the broader industry, the successful implementation of such technologies could lead to substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies. Improved recycling processes can generate higher-quality recycled materials, making them more competitive with virgin plastics. This can drive greater adoption of recycled materials by manufacturers and help close the loop in the plastic lifecycle.

From an environmental standpoint, enhancing the effectiveness of plastic recycling is crucial for reducing pollution and conserving natural resources. By turning plastic waste into valuable raw materials, advanced recycling technologies can decrease the amount of plastic entering landfills and oceans. This contributes to a healthier ecosystem and aligns with global sustainability goals.

In summary, Zeolyst International’s new technology for advanced plastic recycling is a notable development in the fight against plastic pollution. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in recycling, Zeolyst is paving the way for more sustainable practices in the industry. This initiative emphasizes the importance of innovation in addressing one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

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