West Chester’s Top Business Titans: A Snapshot of 2024’s Local Business Person of the Year

AwardImage by Artur Pawlak

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Thneed Tycoons of West Chester, the men and women who have taken the entrepreneurial leap, have been recognized by their peers in an annual event hosted by Alignable, a network of small business owners. This year, the network witnessed unprecedented participation with over 300,000 votes being cast, culminating in the declaration of a true winner.

In a surprise twist, the crown for the Local Business Person of the Year was a shared honor, worn by both Gary Lehndorff of Firstrust Bank – Mortgage Division and Suman Aggroia of Aggroia Bookkeeping Solutions.

Gary Lehndorff, a veteran mortgage lender, has built a reputation for his unwavering commitment to his clients and stellar service. His career displays a span dedicated to aiding first-time buyers, property investors, and those in the construction industry. His reputed attention to detail has won him accolades such as the Presidents Club recipient and 5 Star Professional recipient.

Tied for the top spot is Suman Aggroia, who has carved a niche for her firm, Aggroia Bookkeeping Solutions, in the realm of small business services. Her financial acumen and dedication to ensuring financial accuracy for her clients have been well-received by her peers.

Lehndorff and Aggroia were closely followed by Jim Stewart of Your Local Network, a digital marketing expert, and Gary Altoonian, the eye behind Altoonian Photography. and Marianna Curran of She Knows Fotos, and the dynamic duo Tara Trievel of Be Social and Douglas McDermott of West Chester Lifestyle also ranked in the top five, recognized for their contributions to executive skills coaching and lifestyle publishing, respectively.

Alignable is more than just an award-giving body. It is a community designed to help small businesses grow and succeed by facilitating networking, showcasing services and expertise, and encouraging referrals among businesses. Their platform offers both free and premium memberships to cater to different needs.

The entrepreneurial landscape of West Chester in 2024 is a thriving hub characterized by a vibrant and close-knit community. The notable recognition bestowed upon these innovative individuals not only underscores the richness and diversity of the local business environment but also serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the region.

Through their commitment to delivering exceptional service and making meaningful contributions to the community, these entrepreneurs set a high standard that inspires their peers and aspiring business leaders alike to pursue excellence and drive positive change within their spheres of influence.

The profound and lasting impact these remarkable individuals have had on the local economy and community life goes far beyond the accolades they’ve earned. Their unwavering influence, unmatched dedication, and extraordinary accomplishments not only shape but define the entrepreneurial spirit of West Chester.

Their innovative ventures, commitment to excellence, and community engagement serve as a beacon, illuminating the path for future generations and contributing significantly to why our vibrant town continues to evolve and flourish.

Ultimately, these visionaries embody the heart and soul of West Chester, a town brimming with rich history, boundless opportunities, and an unwavering passion for growth and progress. They are not only leaders in their respective industries but also role models for anyone striving to make a positive impact on their community and leave a lasting legacy.

At MyChesco, we are proud to shine a spotlight on these exceptional individuals and their incredible achievements. Through our platform, we aim to amplify their voices, share their stories, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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