Meteomatics to Revolutionize Weather Forecasting in Norway with Autonomous Drones


EXTON, PAMeteomatics is joining forces with Norway’s Research Centre (NORCE). The collaboration involves a substantial investment plan that will see Meteomatics deploy 30 of its automated weather drones, or “Meteodrones,” across Norway.

Weather vagaries are increasingly impacting nations globally, affecting economies, infrastructure, and public safety. Scandinavia, with its harsh winters and severe weather events, is no exception. The Meteodrones are being hailed as a solution to significantly enhance weather visibility in regions like these.

The Meteodrones, in conjunction with their accompanying Meteobases, are designed to autonomously fly 20,000 feet above Earth’s surface. This high-altitude operation fills a crucial data gap in the lower and mid-atmosphere, an area under-served by conventional weather sensing technology and radar.

NORCE’s mission is to equip Norway to handle economic and ecological challenges using innovative technologies, and Meteomatics’ Meteodrones are the latest addition to its arsenal.

The installation of the Meteodrones and Meteobases will begin this summer. Weather experts are assessing meteorologically significant locations to maximize data collection from these drones. The initiative is projected to be fully implemented and functional by the end of 2025.

Modern meteorological modeling, inhibited by inadequate observations from the atmospheric boundary layer, has struggled to make accurate local weather predictions. Traditional technology reliant on radiosondes attached to weather balloons is costly and unsustainable due to its helium dependency.

Meteodrones are positioned to resolve these problems. These efficient drones can perform several flights over more extended periods, collecting more data than radiosondes. Unlike radiosondes, which fly just twice daily, Meteodrones can take flight every 30 minutes.

These Meteodrones measure crucial atmospheric elements, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and wind speed with high precision. The collected data is then incorporated into the EURO1k, Europe’s high-resolution weather model developed by Meteomatics alone.

The project is anticipated to deliver multiple benefits to Norway, including more accurate weather forecasts, safer and efficient logistics, and a boost to the renewable energy sector. The new weather data will also enable a better understanding of severe weather formation, helping the nation prepare for extreme events.

“NORCE will conduct scientific research to validate the EURO1K forecasts and compare their accuracy with other weather forecasts,” said Camilla Stoltenberg, CEO of NORCE.

Martin Fengler, CEO and Founder of Meteomatics, highlighted the proven success of Meteodrones in countries like Switzerland, France, Italy, and the U.S. He expressed excitement over bringing this ground-breaking technology to Norway.

This strategic partnership marks a new chapter in meteorology, leveraging innovation to tackle one of our planet’s most erratic elements: the weather.

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