Envestnet and Salesforce Forge Partnership to Enhance Financial Planning for Advisors


BERWYN, PA — Envestnet has announced a new partnership with Salesforce to integrate their financial planning tools into Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud (FSC). This collaboration aims to provide wealth advisors with a more connected and seamless platform experience.

The core objective is to address common challenges faced by financial advisors, such as operating across multiple systems and dealing with data inconsistencies between customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and financial planning tools. By integrating Envestnet’s acclaimed MoneyGuide software with Salesforce FSC, the partnership promises a unified platform that simplifies and enhances the financial planning process.

Advisors will benefit from several key features of this integration. They can view financial plan information directly within their CRM, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of the client’s financial status. Actionable segmentation dashboards will enable advisors to target and track clients based on their stage in the financial planning journey. Additionally, advisors can launch into the planning household in MoneyGuide from within Salesforce FSC, streamlining workflow and improving efficiency.

This partnership also aims to unify behavioral and financial data across an advisor’s practice. Such integration simplifies collaboration within advisor teams by providing a single source for all financial planning-related activities. Eran Agrios, SVP & GM of Financial Services at Salesforce, said, “Our partnership with Envestnet is driven by a shared goal: to deliver innovative solutions that streamline the financial planning process and empower wealth advisors to be more productive.”

The strategic alliance comes at a time when comprehensive financial planning is increasingly critical in wealth management. Matt Wilson, Head of MoneyGuide Sales at Envestnet, emphasized the importance of the partnership by highlighting how dashboard views offer advisors insight into their entire book of business. For instance, by segmenting clients nearing retirement, advisors can proactively identify new opportunities for account rollovers, income strategies, or tax planning. “Our collaboration with Salesforce empowers advisors to deliver personalized and comprehensive financial advice to their clients across any life stage and wealth level,” he added.

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The implications of this partnership are substantial. By combining forces, Envestnet and Salesforce aim to revolutionize the way financial advisors manage client relationships and financial planning. This integrated approach not only enhances productivity but also deepens client engagement by providing a holistic view of their financial landscape.

This partnership positions both companies at the forefront of innovation, offering solutions that are likely to set new standards in the industry. Wealth advisors who adopt these advanced tools will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of financial planning, ultimately benefiting their clients and strengthening their practices.

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