Cantaloupe Enhances UK Vending Operations with Decorum Partnership

Cantaloupe Decorum VendingSubmitted Image

MALVERN, PA, and LONDONCantaloupe, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTLP) has expanded its footprint in the UK by partnering with Decorum Vending to upgrade 630 vending machines with advanced cashless payment technology. The machines, located primarily in train stations and travel hubs, now feature Cantaloupe’s P66 contactless payment devices and P100 digital screen card readers, which accept both contactless and traditional payments.

This move makes Cantaloupe the exclusive provider for Decorum’s cashless payment solutions, integrating seamlessly with Decorum’s Vending Management System (VMS). The goal is to boost operational efficiency and simplify transactions.

“Decorum’s confidence in Cantaloupe’s products and services underscores our commitment to expanding and supporting our international clients in the UK,” said Jeff Dumbrell, Chief Revenue Officer of Cantaloupe. “By delivering reliable, seamless integration and exceptional customer service, we’ve been able to show Decorum and other potential UK-based clients that Cantaloupe can strengthen our position as a disruptive force in the market for cashless payment solutions.”

The partnership focuses on improving customer experience through efficient payment systems. The integration with Televend and Vendo systems allows Decorum to monitor machine performance and track sales effectively. This reliability ensures continuous service, crucial for travelers who often have limited time to make purchases. Cantaloupe’s technology supports “basket vends,” enabling customers to buy multiple items in one transaction, enhancing convenience.

Declan Sewell, Managing Director of Decorum Vending, highlighted the advantages of working with Cantaloupe. “Partnering with Cantaloupe not only streamlined our operations but also significantly enhanced our bottom line. The seamless integration and reliability of Cantaloupe’s systems made everything just work effortlessly. Another major factor was the supportive relationship we’ve developed with the Cantaloupe team. It’s not just about the financial savings — it’s about partnering with a service provider who genuinely enhances our operations and makes doing business a pleasure.”

Cantaloupe has also improved financial operations for Decorum by speeding up settlement times and simplifying the refund process. Advanced features allow single-item refunds within larger transactions, providing better customer service and operational transparency.

This collaboration is a significant step for Cantaloupe as it expands its presence beyond North America. The successful deployment in the UK demonstrates Cantaloupe’s capability to deliver robust cashless payment solutions internationally, paving the way for future growth and innovation in the industry.

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