Local Woman Rebounds to Help Other Small Businesses


GLENMORE, PA — Recently, a group of women who found their businesses shut down because of circumstances of COVID launched LifiBifi to try to keep it from happening to others. 

Arlene Adam of Glenmoore explains, “When our supply chains were adversely affected by COVID and Mars, Inc. closed our division, some friends and I lost our small businesses. We wanted to use our customers, friends, connections and years of marketing and sales to help others survive. Our goal is to help small businesses around the country connect with new customers.”

LifiBifi Helps Small Businesses

The women who have connections in all 50 states are resolved to help the Little fish compete with the Big fish- thus LifiBifi. The company searches for businesses that have impressive products and stories about why they are doing what they do. Many times these companies do not have the time, money or resources to market themselves. That is where LifiBifi steps in. “It’s our goal to take our decades of sales and marketing experience and link arms with these remarkable entrepreneurs. We understand firsthand how difficult it can be to juggle everything and still find a way to promote your business beyond your current circle. That’s where LifiBifi excels!” added Stephanie Weinberger, President of LifiBifi.

Consumers are Thrilled

LifiBifi seeks out these remarkable companies and presents them to the consumer. They discover gems that most people would not have the time to search for, but everyone loves. They provide simple solutions for products that help the consumer and the producer. Mariel G. Weiss of Collegeville added, “I love the variety of products LifiBifi has to offer. You can’t just pick these items off the shelf, so they make for really thoughtful real estate closing and referral gifts!”

Empowered Women

Spread around the country, this group of high-powered women is in constant contact with businesses, customers and each other. Their products are always new and fresh since they feature companies for 12 weeks and then keep them on as recent finds for another 12 weeks.

Small businesses looking for more information, visit lifibifi.com/swim-with-lifibifi. Consumers can visit lifibifi.com.

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