Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. David Danish Joins Forces with Psych Collab MD


DEVON, PA — Psych Collab MD recently announced its collaboration with Dr. David Danish MD, a distinguished psychiatrist with an eminent background in treating a broad spectrum of psychiatric conditions across all age groups. Dr. Danish brings over 15 years of clinical expertise and a notable enthusiasm for education to the team, enhancing the collaborative care model that Psych Collab MD champions.

Dr. Danish’s career in psychiatry began with his residency at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007, where he was awarded the Penn Pearls Award for his exceptional commitment to education. His role as an educator has spanned teaching medical students, residents, fellows, and nurse practitioners, contributing significantly to the field of mental health education.

Board-certified in both adult and child/adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Danish completed his training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). His expertise encompasses a wide range of mental health disorders including mood, anxiety, neurodevelopmental disorders, ADHD, dual diagnosis, and psychotic disorders.

Beyond traditional psychiatric treatment methods, Dr. Danish is known for pioneering innovative approaches in the mental health field. He has established several practices offering advanced treatments like psychopharmacology, neurofeedback, biofeedback, EMDR, and esketamine for individuals facing treatment-resistant depression. Additionally, Dr. Danish is exploring the introduction of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and psychedelic-assisted therapy for depression and PTSD, marking a new frontier in psychiatric care.

Recently, Dr. Danish expanded his impact by joining Behavidence, a cutting-edge company using phone-based technology, digital phenotyping, and machine learning to revolutionize the assessment, diagnosis, and monitoring of mental health conditions. In this role, he aims to drive forward research and development efforts, underscoring the potential of digital tools in enhancing psychiatric practice.

“Collaboration is essential for effective mental healthcare delivery,” Dr. Danish stated, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in creating tailored treatment plans for patients. “Together, we have the power to support individuals on their path to mental wellness.”

Psych Collab MD has warmly welcomed Dr. Danish to its team, recognizing his vast knowledge, passion for teaching, and dedication to innovation as key assets in their mission to offer high-quality, integrated psychiatric services. This partnership promises to enrich the landscape of mental healthcare, providing comprehensive and personalized care that addresses the complex needs of patients.

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