TELA Bio Awards Restricted Stock Units to New Hires in Bid to Attract Top Talent


MALVERN, PA — TELA Bio, Inc. (NASDAQ: TELA), a commercial-stage medical technology company, recenlty announced the granting of restricted stock units to five newly hired employees. The inducement grants cover 5,800 shares of TELA Bio’s common stock and were approved by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors.

Restricted stock units, or RSUs, are a type of employee compensation that offers potential ownership in a company. They are typically granted in lieu of higher salaries or bonuses and serve as an incentive for employees to remain with the company for a specified period.

In this case, TELA Bio’s RSUs will vest over four years in equal annual installments, contingent on each individual’s continued service with the company through the applicable vesting dates. This means that the new hires will gain full ownership of their allotted shares gradually over the next four years, providing them with a growing stake in the company’s future success.

The inducement grants were made under the Nasdaq Rule 5635(c)(4) inducement grant exception, a provision that allows companies to issue equity awards to new hires without shareholder approval. This rule is often used by companies seeking to incentivize high-quality candidates to join their ranks.

Based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, TELA Bio is committed to advancing medical technology by prioritizing the preservation and restoration of patients’ own anatomy. The company provides surgeons with innovative, cost-effective solutions for soft-tissue reconstruction that promote the patient’s natural healing response and minimize long-term exposure to permanent synthetic materials.

The recent RSU grants aim to advance TELA Bio’s strategic efforts to secure top talent in a competitive industry landscape. By offering a stake in the company’s future growth, TELA Bio is not only incentivizing the new hires to stay with the company but also aligning their interests with those of the company and its shareholders. As TELA Bio continues to innovate in the field of medical technology, these new team members could play a crucial role in driving the company’s success.

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