Cantaloupe, Inc. Unveils Smart Cooler Solutions at Apartmentalize Show


PHILADELPHIA, PACantaloupe, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTLP) is set to showcase its cutting-edge Micro Market and Smart Cooler solutions at this year’s Apartmentalize Show, taking place from June 19 through 21 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

“Bringing in the convenience of shopping for food, beverages and household necessities right into an apartment building or complex, is a very sought-after amenity for property managers and their tenants today,” noted Elyssa Steiner, Chief Marketing Officer of Cantaloupe, Inc. She highlighted how property managers are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate their properties and offer valuable amenities to residents. Recognizing the growing concerns around safety and the demand for immediate access to essentials, Steiner emphasized, “We’ve seen a lot of excitement around our compact micro market and smart cooler solutions. Installing these in apartment lobbies not only meets the need for convenience, but also ensures residents can enjoy this service in the safety of their own building, avoiding late-night trips to external stores.”

Cantaloupe collaborates with operators nationwide to install these advanced systems in residential buildings. The company’s Smart Cooler technology employs artificial intelligence (AI) and cameras to monitor purchases, unlocking only after a credit or debit card is authorized, thus ensuring secure transactions. Additionally, the micro markets offer an extensive selection of products, replicating a retail shopping experience.

“Capitalizing on the growing demand for accessible essentials within residential complexes, one of our pioneering operators Blue Agave, has successfully tailored its micro market services to high-end apartment buildings in California,” noted Steiner. “This strategic focus has not only enhanced resident satisfaction by providing convenient access to food, beverages and household items, but has also significantly boosted their revenue and growth.”

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Quinn Miller, owner of Blue Agave, praised Cantaloupe’s ability to create custom-designed markets that fit a building’s aesthetic while prioritizing safety and security. “By providing products directly in an apartment building setting, we’ve been able to set our business apart in a competitive market,” said Miller. “With our use of Cantaloupe’s micro markets and Smart Cooler solutions, we are able to focus on enhancing the value provided to residential buildings. Cantaloupe has worked with us to create custom-designed markets that fit a building’s aesthetic. They prioritize safety and security in their markets — in fact the Cantaloupe Go software monitors inventory, tracks cooler temperatures, kiosk performance and uptime, and provides comprehensive sales reporting. For residents, it makes them feel safe as they no longer have to venture out at midnight to get a household item, medicine or a snack. They can just get it in their micro market.”

Cantaloupe’s participation in the Apartmentalize Show underscores its commitment to transforming residential living spaces through innovative retail solutions that prioritize both convenience and security.

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