Vishay Intertechnology Unveils Advanced Capacitors for Detonation Systems

Vishay Intertechnology

MALVERN, PAVishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) has introduced a new series of TANTAMOUNT™ surface-mount solid tantalum molded chip capacitors. These capacitors are specifically designed for electronic detonation systems used in mining and demolition applications.

The new TX3 series capacitors boast robust mechanical designs and low leakage current (DCL). They are engineered to provide superior performance and reliability compared to commercial tantalum capacitors and multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs).

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

The key feature of the TX3 series is its low DCL values of 0.005CV combined with the high energy density typical of tantalum capacitors. This combination ensures that more energy is delivered, promoting proper ignition in remote detonation systems. The capacitors utilize tantalum anode technology, along with Vishay’s advanced dielectric formation, to guarantee stable electrical performance even in harsh environments.

Vishay has subjected these capacitors to rigorous testing standards to ensure reliability. Each unit undergoes 100% surge current testing and additional screenings for key electrical characteristics. These steps are designed to eliminate variations between production lots, making the TX3 series a reliable choice for critical applications.

Technical Specifications

The TX3 series capacitors are available in B (EIA 3528-21) and C (EIA 6032-28) case sizes. They offer a capacitance range from 10 µF to 100 µF with voltage ratings between 16 V and 25 V. The capacitors also feature a capacitance tolerance down to ±10%. Operational parameters include an ESR ranging from 0.700 Ω to 2.3 Ω at +25 °C, ripple current up to 0.438 A, and high-temperature operation up to +125 °C.

The devices are designed with lead-free terminations and meet RoHS compliance, ensuring they are environmentally friendly.

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Vishay’s TX3 Capacitors Revolutionize Detonation Systems

This development is significant for industries relying on precise and reliable electronic detonation systems. Mining and demolition operations require components that can withstand extreme conditions and deliver consistent performance. Vishay’s TX3 series capacitors address these needs by offering high shock and vibration resistance, as well as reliable energy delivery.

By enhancing the performance and reliability of detonation systems, Vishay’s new capacitors could reduce operational risks and increase efficiency in critical applications. This advancement also underscores Vishay’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries in capacitor design and manufacturing.

The TX3 series represents a valuable addition to Vishay’s product lineup, providing a robust solution for demanding industrial environments.

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