Syapse Launches New Oncology Data Tool to Aid Cancer Research

Syapse Holdings

WEST CHESTER, PA — Syapse, a real-world oncology data company, has introduced Syapse Cohorts: Essentials, a new tool aimed at providing cancer researchers and life sciences companies with comprehensive datasets. This offering expands upon their existing Enriched Cohorts, granting unprecedented insights across all cancer types.

Syapse Cohorts: Essentials delivers a robust set of de-identified patient information. The data, sourced from health system partners, molecular labs, mortality data, and cancer registries, is normalized and harmonized into research-ready datasets. These datasets include demographic information, diagnosis details, early treatment patterns, and outcomes for over 50 different tumor types.

The existing Syapse Cohorts: Enriched offers even deeper and more specific data. This advanced tier includes additional curation by Syapse Oncology Data Specialists, providing enhanced clinical details like genetic profiling, detailed treatment regimens, and longitudinal patient outcomes.

Thomas Brown, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of Syapse, expressed enthusiasm about the launch: “We are excited to introduce Syapse Cohorts: Essentials to the cancer research community. This new offering allows our customers to leverage our real-world data across more than 50 tumor types from the Syapse Learning Health Network. By offering both foundational and highly curated datasets, we enable researchers to access precisely the information they need, facilitating more personalized and impactful cancer research and treatments.”

Syapse Cohorts: Revolutionizing Cancer Research with Real-World Data

The introduction of Syapse Cohorts: Essentials is significant for several reasons. It democratizes access to critical oncology data, enabling researchers to ask and answer key questions across a variety of cancer types. The availability of such detailed datasets can accelerate the pace of cancer research, leading to more effective treatments and better patient outcomes.

For life sciences companies, this tool offers a valuable resource for developing new therapies. Access to comprehensive and well-organized patient data allows these companies to identify trends, understand treatment efficacy, and tailor their products to meet specific needs. This can shorten the development timeline for new cancer treatments, bringing them to market faster.

Moreover, the real-world nature of the data ensures that findings are applicable in everyday clinical settings. Unlike controlled clinical trial environments, real-world data reflects the complexities and variations of actual patient experiences. This makes the insights gained from Syapse Cohorts: Essentials highly relevant for practical applications.

The ability to access both foundational and enriched datasets offers flexibility. Researchers can start with broad questions using the Essentials tier and dive deeper into specifics with the Enriched tier as needed. This tiered approach allows for a wide array of use cases, from initial research inquiries to in-depth studies on specific patient journeys.

In summary, Syapse’s launch of Cohorts: Essentials represents a leap forward in oncology research capabilities. By providing detailed, real-world data, it enables researchers and life sciences companies to make significant strides in understanding and treating cancer. This innovation promises to enhance the quality and speed of cancer research, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.

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